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Christian Homeschooler's Association of South Eastern South Carolina
PO Box 58
Ruffin, SC 29475

CHASE SC Site Index

days to June 30th, 2004, the school year end for CHASE SC.

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The Homeschool Resource for South Carolina!

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All homeschoolers, and home schools should consult their attorney, or HSLDA for all legal matters.

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Officials requesting verification of a member's membership should send an email to

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CHASE SC 59-65-47 Accountability Information

About CHASE SC...
Basic information about CHASE SC, our Lifetime Membership, and the Board are available here.

CHASE SC Lifetime Membership Application html or pdf
CHASE SC accepts applications all year long, and from homeschoolers all across SC.
We welcome all types of home educators;
home schoolers, relaxed schooling, unschooling, and all others.

CHASE SC Yearly Compliance & Update Form html or pdf
The form your home school will submit at the end of year,
and whenever you need to update your information with us.

Directory of School Districts html or pdf
This directory lists all of the SC public school districts.

Questions About CHASE SC
Information is provided on how to contact CHASE SC, the board structure, who we serve,
the membership process, what is provided for members, the newsletter, and procedures for records.

HSLDA Group Discount
Information on participating with the Home School Legal Defense Association
group discount program is available here.

Kindergarten & Senior Graduation 2004
All SC 59-65-47 accountability associations and homeschoolers are welcome to join.

The graduating senior will find links for graduation supplies that include the announcement,
invitation, cap, gown, and other graduation products.

The kindergarten graduate will find links for the mini diploma, cap, robe, gifts, and other accessories.

Homeschoolers planning to participate should check back often to get the latest information.

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CHASE SC-Information Loop

A place for the home educator to ask questions about CHASE SC, the application process, membership in our accountability association, and over all general questions about CHASE SC.

Click to subscribe to CHASE-SC-Information

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Our Most Popular Resource

Free Forms For Home Schools
You don't want to miss out on this great resource, there are nearly 200 Free Forms for your homeschool!

All types of home education will benefit from the wide range of forms;
home schoolers, relaxed schooling, unschooling,
and every type of home educator will find something they can use.

Be Prepared, Evaluations, Assessments, Report Cards, Planners, Goal Sheets, Sample Letters,
Transcripts, High School Course Credit & Syllabus, Diplomas, Journals, Logs, Checklists,
Traveling Through Time Timelines, Other Helps for the Homeschool, Postcards, and
Getting Organized in Your Home are the categories you can choose from.

Of the 5,069,004 successful hits reported by our server to pages on the CHASE SC site,
the Free Forms For Home Schools is the # 1 page at 239,468 hits!
The analog statistical data above was compiled on October 20, 2003.

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The Third Option Manual for Homeschooling in SC
Get your Free copy of this invaluable home school resource today!

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SC Homeschooling Laws

Homeschool Alert for SC Home Schools
The more information homeschoolers are armed with, the better decisions homeschoolers can make.
Make a difference for homeschooling in SC!
Stay informed, be prepared to act, and act when needed!

The Law & Legal Resources
SC Code of Laws 59-65-40, 59-65-45, 59-65-46, and 59-65-47
is listed for the home educator.

Explanation of the Third Option Law, 59-65-47
An explanation of the third option law is provided so that all home-schooling families
have a thorough understanding of what is and is not required
to complete the requirements of 59-65-47.

Standardized Testing
SC state law on testing, CHASE SC's policy on testing,
and lots of testing resources to fill your homeschooling needs.

Questions About the Law
Common questions about SC homeschooling third option law are covered here.

Questions About the Kindergarten Waiver
Everything the home school needs to know, wants to know, and wishes they knew!

Questions About Association Issued Documents
Everything the home school needs to know, wants to know, and wishes they knew!

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SC Homeschool Organizations
These lists are updated often!

South Carolina County Home School Times
An inclusive and tolerant place for homeschoolers of each county to meet,
discuss issues, share ideas, information, and to get to know other homeschoolers in their own backyard (county).
Don't miss out, join your county's group today.
You can join in on these groups no matter how many support groups you belong to.

SC State and Local Support Groups
There are support groups for home education just about everywhere in SC.
There are groups in Aiken, Anderson, Batesburg, Beaufort, Berkeley, Charleston, Colleton,
Columbia, Dorchester, Easley, Greenville, Greenwood, Hilton Head, Lancaster, Laurens,
Seneca, Sumter, Myrtle Beach and lots of other town and counties.
Make sure to look at all the support groups close to you, each has their own unique support system.

SC Accountability Associations
Don't miss the unique *******7 Star Rating Guide******* on South Carolina Associations.
Make sure to read the guide on What You Should Look for in an Association;
which includes Questions to Ask an Association, Questions to Ask Your Friends,
Data to Look at or Request, and Questions to Ask Yourself.

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Information for New Homeschoolers

New Homeschoolers Information
Help for new homeschoolers, those starting to homeschool, and those thinking about homeschooling.

Questions About Expelled Students Earning Credit
Commonly asked questions pertaining to students that have been expelled from public or private schools.

Learning Modalities/Styles
The visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and combination learning styles are covered,
by a family that has one or more types of learners in each category.

Timeline Information
There is so much information available on various types of time lines,
that we feel sure timeline users will find this one of their favorite pages.

Four types of portfolios are discussed,
and what information to put in a portfolio is included.

Coming Soon...
How to Handle Friends & Family
that are not supportive of your efforts to home school.

Coming Soon...
How to Handle Public Official Contacts

How to Deal With False Accusations in a DSS Investigation
Prepare yourself now,
so that if you ever come in contact with an official who does not know the law,
you will be able to protect yourself and your family's rights under the law.

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Information for High Schoolers

SC Drivers License and Beginners Permit Information
Information to assist South Carolina Homeschool students in obtaining their drivers license and beginners permits.

Questions About High School
Commonly asked questions pertaining to the high school home school student are answered here.

Questions About Diplomas
Everything the home school needs to know, wants to know, and wishes they knew!

Questions About the GED
Everything the home school needs to know, wants to know, and wishes they knew!

Questions About Transcripts
Everything the home school needs to know, wants to know, and wishes they knew!

SAT, PSAT & ACT Testing
Information is provided on when you should test, the CHASE SC test number,
and links to both the SAT & ACT home pages are provided.

SC Colleges
A listing of South Carolina's Colleges and the contact information..

Scholarship Information
Financial Aid Information,
Scholarship Search Engines, Guides & Other Helpful Information, and
SC Scholarship Links

SC Scholarship Information
Questions about the New Home School Requirements
Palmetto Fellows Scholarship Program,
Need-based Grants,
LIFE Scholarship Program,
HOPE Scholarship Program,
Lottery Tuition Assistance Program, and
Contact Information

What About College?
Many homeschooling parents have lots of questions about college and scholarships.
Here's a great list of links to help you get the answers you need,
and to help you prepare your children for college.

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Other Resources

Celebrate South Carolina Homeschool Awareness Week
October 5th through October 11th, 2003

Special thanks to homeschool students Steven and Todd.
They took a home school assignment one step further.
They learned how a bill becomes law, and they pursued it.
This definitely shows how Homeschoolers of South Carolina are motivated.
Way to go boys!

Workshops Across South Carolina
An aid to inform home schools in SC on CHASE SC sponsored workshops,
and other known home school or homeschooling related workshops across South Carolina.

Information by Email
Make sure to spread the word to all home schools that do not have Internet access.
Homeschoolers with email access can obtain the CHASE SC Lifetime Membership Application,
the Year End Completion & Update Form, the Directory of School Districts,
and nearly all other non form pages available at the CHASE SC site simply by sending an email!

Types of Homeschooling
In order to better assist you, we have provided links on this page for all types of home-schooling;
methods and approaches which include Charlotte Mason, Classical Education, Deschooling,
Eclectic (Relaxed, Mixed Curriculum, Home Made, and Individualized), Literature based,
The Moore's, Montessori, Principal Approach, Religion Based,
Traditional (School-at-Home, Boxed Curriculum),
Unit Studies, Unschooling (Natural Learning Method), Virtual Schooling, and Waldorf.

Additionally, we have provided links for Afterschooling, and Summerschooling.
We are sure that Afterschoolers and Summerschoolers,
will find many of our other resources useful too.

Special Needs Homeschoolers
Resources include a special needs email loop for SC families,
books to read, the SC Disabilities Collaborative Resource Center Library,
and lots of special needs links.

Links to More Homeschool Forms
If we didn't have the form you were looking for, you should try some of these links.

Curriculum and Other Homeschooling Links
Curriculum, SC Families That Homeschool, Field Trips,
Magazines, Resources, SC Web Sites and Information,
and Used Curriculum

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What folks have to say about CHASE SC -
The Homeschooling Resource for South Carolina!

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Association Resources

How to Start and Run an Association Under 59-65-47
Everything you need to know, want to know, and wish you knew!

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Support Group Resources

How to Start Your Own Support Group
Everything you need to know, want to know, and wish you knew!

Workshops for Homeschool Support Groups
Workshops are available with directions for support groups to use in providing support for their members,
and other local homeschooling families.

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