A virtual tour of the restoration of THIS old house, plus a few tidbits

Haydenville Room

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The Haydenville Room is the smaller of our two guest rooms, it faces towards Haydenville, Massachusetts, the next station on the old rail line to Williamsburg.


The full-size wooden bed has a brand new firm mattress so you'll be sure to get a great night sleep.


There are two unusual short height doors in the Haydenville Room. The one in the picture to the left leads to a storage attic over the kitchen and the office wing of the house.  The one in the picture above is for a very small closet. We are considering making it a storage area for a sewing machine and the items related to that.


Though this view of the bathroom doesn't show the brand new shower, it does show some of the counter space and a bit of the mirrored cabinet on the extreme left side of the photo.


Here's the antique chest of drawers in the Haydenville Room.