A virtual tour of the restoration of THIS old house, plus a few tidbits

Home Office: Before and After
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demolishing the huge closet/cabinet

Originally there was a huge closet/cabinet in this room that took up virtually all the space on one wall. Here is one of the contrators working to demolish this beast freeing up almost 40 square feet.

removing the floor's green paint

The room originally was painted a light green--(diplomacy for puke green). Even the floor was painted in this color. To top it off, this was the cat-pee room. The entire space stunk so bad that we stripped all the wall board off and threw it into our 40 yard dumpster. We then had the flooring contractor sand away all the old paint and lo-and-behold, a beautiful pine floor emerged. And the smell finally disappeared.

gov'nr waiting

Both of these bottom photos show the office as it sat in December of 2001.
I generally can be found here on Mondays and Tuesdays. The green door on the right leads directly to the trail. (a new full lite, insulated-glass door has been fitted since this old pix.) 
The unusual green/red light is actually a genuine, 100 year old,  New Haven Railroad switch-stand lantern that was converted to 110 volt AC by some long ago handy man. In its original configuration, it was of course powered by oil, like a common 'hurricane lantern'. 

Office finished 1