English Dial / Bracket Pendulum Rod and Rating Nut Available with flat or dovetail rating nut. Please state in comments box which is required. English dial / bracket pendulum bob. Single brass face 3” dia. Flat rating nut as shown. English dial / bracket pendulum bob. Double brass face 3” dia. Dovetail rating nut as shown. Vienna weight brass. Polished shell English dial Pallet Blank Vienna pulley 4 spokes Vienna pulley 5 spokes French Bell Hammer French Clock Bells Polished Brass French Clock Hands Vienna Clock Hands, Black Vienna Seconds  Hand, Black Brass secure lever locks supplied with key English dial Case Peg French Clock Mercury Pendulum DISCONTINUED French Clock  Pendulum French Clock  Pendulum for silk suspension 28.5 mm dia, 260 mm long French Clock  Pendulum Hook French Clock  Movement Strap Vienna Hook and washer Only Min 86 mm Hour 67 mm Min 65 mm Hour 54 mm

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English / French Clock Spares

We have now added a new  area to the French Clock Material and that is reclaimed spares. We are happy to measure parts with a digital calliper or wheel/pinion count to ensure you get the correct part to fit.

It is much easier to obtain a suitable replacement rather than make the part from scratch  and think of the time saving.

Email with your requirements detailing the part required with dimensions, pictures etc.

Picture No. 1

Brocot Bar

Picture No.2 Centre Wheel Pinion

Picture No. 3

Click Assembly

Picture No. 4

Click Wheel Retainer

Picture No. 5

Click Wheel

Picture No. 6

Count Wheel

Picture No. 7


Picture No. 8

Gear Wheel

Picture No. 9

Train Wheels

Picture No. 10

Bell Hammer

Picture No. 11

Hour Wheel

Picture No. 12

Intermediate Wheel

Picture No. 13

Wheel Cock

Pictures No. 14

Mainspring Barrel

Picture No. 15

Minute Wheel

Picture No. 16

Pallets and Crutch Assembly

Pictures No. 17


Picture No. 18

Snail Wheel

Picture No. 19

Steel Pinions

Picture No. 20

Warn Retainer

Picture No. 21

Strike Pawl

Picture No. 22

Strike Pawl