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Gut Pulley  8 day 1-1/2” Gut Pulley  8 day 1-3/4” Rope Pulley  30 hour 1-1/2” Chain Pulley  30 hour 1-1/2” Seat board Hook “S” Hook Rack Post and Collet Steel Rack Blank Rack Tail in Hard Brass Great Wheel Click Pallet Blank Gathering Pallet Front (Right) Gathering Pallet rear (Left) Rack Spring Post and collet for date wheel Friction Spring Post 3/32” dia x 3BA Brass Fly Brass Back Cock Crutch Blank Round Shank Bell Hammer Bell Hammer Spring Bell Stand Click Spring Brass Bi-Pin Foot Click Spring Brass Comma Foot Lead Counterweight 30 Hour Rope /Chain Clock Chain Steel 33 links per foot 3-1/2” dia. Single Brass Faced Polished Pendulum Bob. Complete with steel flat and square brass nut. Suitable for 8 day or 30 hour Pendulum bob 4” dia. Cast black faced Regulator Weight Polished Brass shell. Case weight. Polished Brass shell Lead Weight Pendulum Flats Threaded 5BA Pendulum Rod only. Threaded both ends 5BA Seconds Hand, Overall Length 73 mm Pipe Length 30 mm Serpentine Hands Pulley and Chain Conversion Set Brass Hand Collets Square bolt for spandrels V slot Escape Wheel 30 teeth Square Brass Nut Long Case Bells Gut Lines Wire Lines Clock Rope Size 7mm
Winding Hole Collets Packet of 10 pieces

Long Case Clock Material