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No longer available C524 Small Flame Finial 1-3/8” high C527 Large Pineapple 2-1/2”  high C511 Spun ball & Spire  1-7/8” dia x 4-1/8” high C509 Spun ball & Spire  2” dia x 5” high C525 Barometer Finial 1-5/8” high No longer available C513 Cast fluted ball & spire 1-7/8” dia x 4-3/4” high C528 Urn & square base finial  2-1/8” high C510 Spun ball & Eagle 1-7/8” dia 4-1/8” high C508 Spun ball & Eagle 2” dia x 4-1/2” high C512 Cast fluted ball & Eagle 1-7/8” dia x  4-1/2” high
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Spire Ball, Eagle Ball & Small Finials