Fittings Available - see picture below:

Brass Centre Fixing Nuts. 5 mm - 7 mm - 9 mm,- 13 mm -21 mm
Hand Retaining Nuts. Gilt Bored - Gilt Solid -Black Bored - Black Solid (Gilt bored normally supplied, required for centre seconds hand use).
Rubber Washers. 1.00 mm - 3.00 mm ( 1.00 mm normally supplied).
Metal Hanging Bracket.

UTS Standard Quartz Clock Movements

Spindle lengths

11.0 mm
13.8 mm
16.2 mm
20.1 mm
26.2 mm

56 mm

Rear view of clock movement

Side view of clock movement

  1. Hechinger, German designed, no longer in production.
  2. UTS are manufactured in Germany.
  3. Easy assembly by centre nut fixing
  4. Hands can be set from front or rear
  5. Can be used with or without centre seconds hand

      6.  Two year guarantee

      7.  Separate Metal hanging Bracket

      8.  “AA” Battery life about 1 year

      Supplied complete with all fittings

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Now available in five different spindle lengths

TT800-053 - 11.0 mm spindle length to suit Dial / Case thickness of  0.50mm - 2.50 mm.
TT800-054 - 13.8 mm spindle length to suit Dial / Case thickness of 0.50 mm -  4.00 mm
TT800-055 - 16.2 mm spindle length to suit Dial / Case thickness of 3.00 mm -  9.00 mm
TT800-056 - 20.1 mm spindle length to suit Dial / Case thickness of 8.50 mm - 11.00 mm.
TT800-057 - 26.2 mm spindle length to suit Dial / Case thickness of  14.0mm - 18.00 mm.

Dial / Case thickness is minimum to maximum figures using either a 1 mm or 3 mm rubber washer (or combination of) and variable length centre fixing nut.

Hole size diameter in dial. Requires a 10 mm hole in the  Case / Dial to accept the centre fixing nut.
For a choice of
Clock Hands please visit the Eurostyle hands pages from the navigation link above.

Price to UK

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Price to USA, Australia 

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Price to Europe

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Complete Fixing Tool

Magnified View 1st End

Magnified View 2nd End

Movement Number
Movement Number
Movement Number

M224 - Steel Fixing Tool for Brass Centre Nut

A robust all steel centre nut fixing tool. Allows real control over the tightening up process without risk of damage to expensive dials. Fits all of the Hechinger range and other makes as well due to the two different end fittings.

56 mm

16 mm

Spindle Length

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