UTS Reverse Quartz Clock Movement

UTS Reverse Quartz Movement

TT800-454  13.8mm Hand Shaft Eurostyle
TT800-455  16.2mm Hand Shaft Eurostyle
Used where a clock is viewed in a mirror

Centre nut fixing.

Separate hanging bracket. Centre seconds facility.

Movement size - Height 52.5 mm, 71.5 mm including hanging bracket. Width 56 mm, Depth 17 mm

RED Hand setter to signify Reverse Quartz Movement.

Reverse or anti-clockwise movement for that bit of fun or viewing the clock dial in a mirror.

You will be given the opportunity to purchase as many movements as you require. If the quantity required is more than 4 please ask for discount percentages on multiple items.

UTS Reverse Quartz Clock Movements. Supplied with a rubber washer, securing nut and plastic washer, strong metal hanging bracket and a minute hand securing nut. Used where a clock is viewed in a mirror. Sometimes called an anti-clockwise movement.

Handshaft Length