Hechinger Chiming Quartz Clock Movements. Supplied with a rubber washer, securing nut and plastic washer, strong metal hanging bracket and a minute hand securing nut.

Only requires one AA battery or equivalent.

What about clock hands do you need to order them as well, email for details if you are unsure by clicking the link.

What about a tool to make the job easy?

When you need a little melody in your life and a gentle reminder of the time.

Hechinger Chime and Strike Quartz Clock Movement

TT403 Westminster Chime and Strike Movement

Full Westminster chime at the hour

Strikes the hours

Integral loudspeaker

Centre nut fixing

Height 73 mm, Width 57 mm, Depth 28 mm

Spindle 17.2 mm

Sorry, Sold Out at present. Will try to obtain further stocks. Can offer alternative movements.