Precise timekeeping that you never have to alter. A Radio Controlled clock movement keeps time to the second because it regularly updates itself by receiving a radio transmission that is aligned with an Atomic Clock. Even when it cannot receive the signal it continues to operate with its own in-built quartz oscillator. Once set up the whole thing is totally automatic, no need to worry about changing the clock for British Summer Time and back again. You will come down in the morning and it will have altered itself and it will also be right to the second, brilliant or what, plus the fact it is a Hechinger movement.

Hechinger Radio Controlled Quartz Clock Movement. Supplied with a rubber washer, securing nut and plastic washer, strong metal hanging bracket and a minute hand securing nut.

click here to download set up instructions

Receives Radio signals from the Anthorn transmitter and signal be received up to 600+ miles. Once it has initially acquired the time signal information it keeps time to within a second of the atomic clock. It also sets itself to British Summer Time and back automatically.

This unit can receive the Anthorn time signal in parts of Europe.

For more information on the MSF time signal:

You will be given the opportunity to purchase as many movements as you require. If the quantity required is more than 4 please ask for discount percentages on multiple items.

What about clock hands do you need to order them as well, email for details if you are unsure by clicking the link.

What about a tool to make the job easy?

Please Note:

These movements are not suitable to be used with metal dials and even metal cases can cause serious degrade to the radio signal reception. If in doubt send us an email about your project, etc.

UK and Ireland use only.

Hechinger Radio Controlled Quartz Movement

Hechinger Radio Controlled Quartz Clock Movements

Only size available is 11.0mm hand shaft.