Fred Pfannenschmid, WØZZS, Net Control
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Fred Pfannenschmid, WØZZS, Net Control
Fred Phannenschmid, WØZZS, is our alternate Net Control Operator for District 16 ARES.

I was born November 25, 1939. Attended all public schooling through the 12th grade. Graduated from Central High School In Pueblo, Colorado in 1957. I passed my Conditional Class Ham Radio license in 1955. I Attended vocational classes at the former SCSC college in Pueblo. Obtained First Class Radiotelephone license, and worked for a local radio station as part time transmitter engineer for a little over a year. Worked 2 years on B&W television receivers, and 2 years for Uncle Sam as a civil servant. I was in the US Navy for 6 years, two years on active duty, and 4 years reserve duty. After being employed for the last 33 years in two-way radio and instrumentation, I am now retired and enjoying my hobbies and free time in general. My hobbies are Ham Radio, electric welding, computer pogramming and target shooting. I also enjoy building, designing and building miscellaneous electronic devices, measuring instruments, Alarm devices, Ham radio projects etc. . The Ham Radio nets I frequent are:

Colorado Columbine net, 3989 kHz M-S 0200z (Wed NCS)
New Mexico Road Runner net, 3939 kHz M-S 0100z
Kansas Morning Weather Net 3920 kHz M-S 0700 CST
Twelfth Region Net (TWN)(SSB) 3923 kHz +/- 0700 MST
Kansas SSB Net 3920 kHz M-S 0030z
Southern Colorado Traffic Net 146.97- 100Hz M-S 2000 MST
I also scan 146.79-Pueblo CO; 145.205 in Pueblo, CO;
146.97 and 147.345 Colorado Springs, CO;.

I now have a computer program to do RF-SAFETY evaluations as required by OET bulletin 65 (Required as of 9/1/00). This is a public domain program and is available at no charge. This program works both with Windows or DOS, and both are included in a self extracting zipped file named RFSFX.EXE. This file is available for direct download from or . Any comments may be sent to Fred, at