William Ryan, WØWFR, Digital Information
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William Ryan, WØWFR, Digital Information
William Ryan, WØWFR, is Digital Information Officer for District 16 ARES.

An amateur radio operator for about 20 years, Bill was originally licensed as KAØGZN.  Bill is semi retired so he can devote most of his time to his interests of amateur radio, computers, and digital photography.  On June 6, 2000, Bill upgraded to General Class and then on August 29, 2000 he earned his Amateur Extra Class license.

Bill is the webmaster for both ARES Dist. 16 and the Thunderbolt ARA web sites.  He also edits the newsletters for both of these organizations.

Bill was born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1943, and has lived in Pueblo, Colorado since the age of 3 1/2 years.  He graduated from Pueblo Centennial High School in 1961 and then Pueblo College (which became Southern Colorado State College and then University of Southern Colorado) in 1965.  Bill also did some post graduate work at Colorado State University (Fort Collins, Colorado) as well as Southern Colorado State College, with majors in science, mathematics and psychology.

Bill has always had an interest in computers and electronics, having built several pieces of high fidelity audio equipment from kits.  In 1979 Bill took a course in Electronics at Pueblo Community College under Don Middleton, WØNIT, where he earned his First Class Radiotelephone Operator's License as well as Amateur Radio Novice license and his upgrade to Technician license.

During the time Bill was taking the course in electronics at Pueblo Community College, he assisted Don Middleton in a re-write of his programmed learning book in electronics for radio engineers, helping Don write a new chapter about digital electronics for the book.  Bill also designed a teaching tool consisting of switches for inputs and leds for outputs to teach the workings of logic gates of the AND, NAND, OR, NOR and XOR circuits.

For many years, Bill was the SYSOP (System Operator) and owner of Bill's Bible Study Bulletin Board System here in Pueblo, that was accessed using a telephone modem.  He then operated a packet radio BBS station here in Pueblo (BBSPUB) until a hard drive crash took him off the air.  He has since obtained some new computer equipment and is almost ready to start up the amateur radio packet bulletin board again.