Darrell Barnes, KCØKTC, AEC

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Darrell Barnes, KCØKTC, AEC

Darrell Barnes, KCØKTC, co-AEC

Born in Pueblo, Colorado on April 14, 1963. I was born seven weeks early weighed in at 3lbs 12oz 17" long. At 16 months old I had a severe injury to my right eye as a result I began wearing glass at 2 years of age.

I am the youngest son of Wayne (KC0KXD) and Ellen Barnes, I have one brother. Wayne Barnes Jr. My education began at South Park Elementary from there it was to Beulah Heights Elementary for 1 year and back to South Park Elementary for 5th grade. My Middle School years were at Roncalli Middle School and High School was spent at South High School, During my junior year I joined the area vocational program at CPC college were I took Auto Mechanics for 2 years earning a certificate in Auto Mechanics. I Graduated from High School and PCC in 1982.

During the summer of 1982 I meet my wife to be, spent a year as best friends and started dating in the summer of 1983. We were engaged December 25, 1983 and married June 24,1984 and have now enjoyed 17 years of marriage to Roberta (KC0KXB) we have two kids, Zachary (KC0KXA) is 16 years old, and Tyler is 8 years.

I am employed at Trane company I have been there for 8 years I started in march of 1994.  With my Fathers teaching tip I have learned and enjoy auto repair, home repair some construction, golf, fishing, hunting, camping, and target shooting, also brought Amateur radio to my attention giving me a new hobby that I thoroughly enjoy,
I received my Amateur radio license on May 21, 2001, (Technician.)