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Original  Artwork  And  Timeline Based  on  "Starblazers"/ "Space Cruiser Yamato"...And  Beyond!


Warning!!  Large  schematic  images  are  slow  downloading!  Please  be  patient... :)


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What  is  the  Drawingboard?

Hello  and  welcome  to  the  Drawingboard!   What  is  it,  you  may  ask?  Well, it's  a  site  dedicated  to  "Space Cruiser  Yamato"... If  the  title  isn't  ringing  a  bell,  this  bit  of   Japanese animation  was  released  here  in  the  early  '80's  as  "Starblazers." Today,  it's  considered  by  many,  to  be  the  father  of  Anamae.

Most fans of the story will also tell you, It gave us all some really cool concepts in Sci-Fi...A space craft concieved from an old battle-ship, unlike anything that had come along before. ( The one exception might be the "ATROGON", a movie made by TOHO in the late 60's...So, true fans, help me out...what DID come first? ) Here was something unusual and totally original. The man responsible for this wild new look was Reiji Matsomoto and  Yoshinobu  Nishizaki, the founders of Space-Battleship Yamato. 
This creation was an anamated feature, and became an instant hit in Japan. Another movie followed...Then the two stories were re-worked for T.V...Matsomoto was not happy with these shows, ironicly, it is these re-worked, edited and dubbed television versions that hit a cord in the U.S. under the title " Starblazers."

I saw my first episode of " Starblazers " as a kid just beginning high-school...A friend sat me down and "forced" me to watch it... ( for all of five minutes )...then I was hooked.
From that day on, I rushed home from school to catch the progress of the Starforce and Argo. ( Promptly driving my other friends nuts! )
As an artist growing up in the sticks, I was frustrated by the lack of merchandise or images related to the show...and drove myself nuts trying to draw the argo!

Below,  Yamato and  Wildstar/Kodai.  ( Blacklight  poster circa: 1985 )


With much imagination and years of study, I learned about starblazers/yamato...Finding places to get model kits by mail-order, and hole-in-the-wall stores that had Yamato stuff. ( Anyone  else  out  there, ever  hear  of  "Mr  Big's  Toyland"  in  Waltham ,  Mass. ) How-ever, the extent of my knowledge is with the first two series...As that is all that I have seen.
How-ever, I do know that the "Starforce" and it's "Argo" were lost in the year 2205. Here is where THIS STARBLAZERS/YAMATO SITE IS DIFFERENT.

Below, a  still  from  a "Mr. Bigs  Toyland"  comercial.  Mr. Big  is  Arthur  Sandberg.  He  and  his  wife  are  retired  and  say  "hello" to  all  who  remember  the  store :)


"Mr.  Bigs  Toyland"  T.V.  spot... Circa  1981.  ( By  the  way,  I  see  a  1/500 scail  Bandai  model,  and  the  popy  800  sc.  di-cast  Yamato, recently  re-issued...But  what  is  the  little  Yamato  on  the  tall  stand?? )

...The Big Disclaimer

This "Yamato/Starblazers" site is unusual...As you will soon see. I have a collection of ships from the show, as well as ships that NEVER SHOWED! It is a place where fans can invision a "What if?" look and feel...As well as to let me work in new designs to some sort of time-line...The drawings, schematics and the story are from my mind, and If I somehow get crossed with events in the series of Yamato that haven't been seen here in the States, yet..It's accidental. Anyway, Like I said, It is only a place to see new ideas based on Mr. Matsumoto's concepts and creation, With great respect....So, If you like Space battleship mecha, and would enjoy some new designs... sit back, and enjoy a new slant on what the E.D.F. was doing after the events in "Starblazers"...One final note: The events I have written here are only a "sketch" I know that other fans have designed great new ships as in point, the "Virgina project"...A beautiful new E.D.F. Battleship design from the Argo mechanics site...FANTASTIC!

Last but not least...This site is a work in progress!!!I haven't painted, drawn or even designed any of these ships in a great while, so what is here, are brand new pencil , pen and Acrylic renderings...( This may help to explain the incomplete feel of the site )... I plan on doing some paintings of them in the future...But for now, check out the NEW PAINTINGS page...there are the most recent acrylic/canvas works...More will be shown as they are completed.             
                                                                                  Brian  D.  Rivers



The  artist... ( After  too  many  hours  in  front  of  the  computer, with-out  sleep  :)  No, he  dosn't  always  look  this  bad!

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Above, the Artist and his kids...Aboard the U.S.S. Massachusetts

Good Luck Discovery!  Way to go!


A.P. Photo

E.D.F. Drawingboard  Opened  Febuary 14/2002

E.D.F. News

          Exciting News!!
 Your's truely has been asked to join up with the creator or "Rocketship Empirers 1936!" I'll be working with the creative team behind this R.P.G. game along with other great artists with impressive backrounds. Edward Kann who is the producer/witer of this game had found this very site, and the ball was sent rolling.
So, this means a really big thank you to everyone who has visited, contributued and otherwise supported the Drawingboard over the years. Thanks again. This site is after all, dedicated to all of the fans :)
Brian. D. Rivers
   Hello one and all!! I'm sorry for my prolonged absence from the site. There's been alot going on in real life, as of recent times.
Anyway... I'm hard at work on some new designs. That said, I'll be working on the site as well. I'm hopeing to revamp the entire place within the next few months. We'll have to see how that goes.
Also, to all my visitors... I never mentioned this here before, which was quite an oversite... But, If anyone wants some "battleship yamato/ star blazers" inspired artwork... I'm always open to commision... Price is negotable, depending on time and detail... ect. Anyway, I don't know why I failed to add this before. But, better really really late, than never. :)
I'd like to wish everyone a belated Happy New year, and thank Ed for his card. That was very clever. So, it's good to be back, I made it though and no, I'm not dead.. Contrary to popular beliefe...
New New Fresh Paint!!
A new painting has been finnished and is posted on the Fresh Paint page! The E.D.F. Maine, a New York class ship, although slightly smaller.


Below, A new drawing in the making. "The Pheonix Yamato" For a better veiw of this uncompleted piece, go to the W.I.P. page.



Click here to see the Borodino Class Battleship ;)


Above...As Promised forever...A NEW PAINTING!  Just click on it, and it will bring you to the Fresh Paint page :)

E.D.F. Technology 101


Dectran  Supership  "Intressa"  as  drawn  in  1991...
 See  it  on  the  "NEW  TERROR"  page!

   Hello  loyal  E.D.F.  fans!  Thanks  for  stopping  by  as  often  as  you  have!   The  hit  meter  just  keeps  climbing...Thanks!   As  you  can  see, The  new  news  is  that  E.D.F.  is  getting  a  make-over!  By  the  time  I'm  done,  it  should  download  alittle  quicker...( I  hope. )  Also,  The   home-page  will  be  abit  more  orginized.  I.E.  What  E.D.F.  is  on  the  left  hand  side,  and  E.D.F  News  on  the  right.  So,  that's  the  big  news! 
  In  other  news,  Don, over  at  Nova Shipyard  is  at  it  again...With  a  new  cruiser. And  other  things  on  the  way  so  I've  been  told. Also,  Matt Berger  has  shown  me  some  AWSOME  new  paintings  in  acrylic  that  he  has  done...I  hope  to  display  some  here  soon!  
   New  work  is  being  done   as  I  write  this!   Something  new  and  fresh.  Sort  of  a  mixed  media  thing.  You've  seen  the  paintings,  But  this  new  work  I  speak  of,  is  totally  different! (  I  know  I've  never  seen  anything  like  it  on  my  web  search! )  When  complete, I  will  ( of  course )   post  it.

 "New  York"  still  a  crowd  pleaser



Don  Gaiser, head  of  the  Yards, has  built  a  stunning  version  of  the  "Heavy  Arms / Welcome  Wagon"... And  the  comments  are  still  comming  in  about  it! All  I  can  say  is  this...Excellent  job,  Don!  For  more  of  Don's  model,  check  out  the  Nova/ E.D.F.  Drawing board  Page.

I'd  like  to  extent  a  big  Thank  you  to  everyone  who  has  helped,  and  put  in  a  good  word...Thanks  guys!  And,  if  you  want  to  see  more  cool  Starblazers/ Yamato  sites,  check  out  the  links  page,  or  the  webring!

The fan fiction time-line...

( Where the new ships fit in )

IT IS THE YEAR 2301....100 years since Earth was nearly destroyed by the Gamalons...95 years since the loss of the STARFORCE and it's legendary space cruiser YAMATO...65 years since we learned of the planet TUNISIA and it's plight....53 years since the end of Tunisia's battle with Dectra...50 years since our official sisterhood of that world...and a beautiful and glorious time of peace and cooperation ever since....

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Below,  the  wall  of  shame  :)  These  paintings  have   all  found  homes  thanks  to  many  of  you  nice  folks  out  there!