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Asterisk (*) designates a tetraploid. All others are diploid.

24" X 6" designates 24" scape height and 6" bloom diameter.

E, M, L, Re - blooms early, midseason or late season and reblooms.

Ext, Fr, Noc - extended bloom(16+ hours), fragrant, or nocturnal (opens afternoon and open at night).

Double Flowered - more than six segments.

Spider - narrow segments.

Variant - exotic-spidery or unusual look.

Dor,Sev,Ev-foliage in winter is dormant(dies back to ground), semi-evergreen or evergreen.


HM - Honorable Mention.

AM - Award Of Merit. Only 10 given annually.

SSM - Stout Silver Metal. The best that year.

DFM - Don Fischer Memorial. Best miniature daylily   (under 3")

AGA - Annie T. Giles Award. Best small daylily(3"-4.5")

LAA - Lennington All American Award - Does well in a variety of climates.

IMA - Ida Munson Award. Best double form daylily.

LPA - L Ernest Plouf Award. Most fragrant dormant daylily.

DSA - Don C. Stevens Award. Best eyed or banded daylily.

HSA - Harris Olson Spider Award. Best spider or variant/exotic daylily.

EFA - Eugene S. Foster Award. Best late season blooming daylily.


Each cultivar name that is listed in Blue letters has an associated image that can be accessed by double clicking on the cultivar name. When you finish veiwing the image, use your browsers's "back" button to return to the listing.

I am by no means a professional photographer. No special photographic processes are involved in producing these images.These are random shots taken of whatever is blooming when I have a camera in hand (be it a good bloom or maybe not so good.) The images on this site should be used as a guide only. Different lighting, photographic processes, soil conditions, watering, etc. can produce variations in form and color. Some colors are also difficult to properly reproduce (dark black-red/purples for example). If in doubt, give me a call, try to view other available images, or better yet, if possible, view the cultivar in a local garden.

I will be adding more images from time to time and also attempting to upgrade some of the images that I think currently do not do justice for the cultivar.


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Black's Daylily Patch

Silver Springs , Florida 34488

Phone: (352) 236-4422