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Cover by: Mike Wieringo

Color: Full Color
Pages: 32
Format: regular series
Price: $2.50US / $4.99CAN
Release Date:

Written by: Todd Dezago
Artwork by: Mike Wieringo (pencils); Nathan Massengill and Rich Case (inks); Paul Mounts of Bongotone (colors and letters)

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Tellos is a magikal patchwork world made up of countless different lands and realms, populated by mythical and legendary creatures, filled with adventure... and danger!
"Come and join us - the journey is just beginning..."

Tellos #1 rejoins Mike Wieringo and Todd Dezago of Spider-Man fame. In this first issues we're introduced to the key players in the first volume of the Tellos saga, Jarek, Koj, and Serra.

Welcome to Tellos, where noting is as it seems. Times are hard in Tellos where land battles land in a bitter war between good and evil, and simple good hearted people like Jarek and Koj must steal to get by. We being in the seaside city of Jeffsport, one of the largest cities in the known world of Tellos, where our heroes Jarek and Koj are being chased by a small team of Frogsoldiers for stealing a couple of watermelons. When they split up they are easily able to thwart the slowwitted "Froggers" (curses!), but unbeknownst to them they are still being followed by mysterious shadows.

Serra on the other hand has her hands full with the dirty merchant Sharvik, and some Froggers approaching her for a very special artifact. When she refuses to transport his Griffin he pulls his dagger on her, laughing in his face she steals his knife and uses it to make a quick escape from both the merchant of lies and the Frogs. A full crate scheduled for shipment on her Sheva Nova falls right onto the Griffin's prison and is let loose. The Griffin's priority? Revenge for her confinement (her? read Tellos Prologue) by killing and eating Sharvik, and his ogre henchmen.

Serra landing on an airship (like out of Teddy Rupskin, remember that cartoon?) inhabited by Gnomes, who don't speak a word of Tellosian. Revealing the amulet for the first time in the Tellos series she reveals a little of the artifact's history: it was given to her by her long time love, Hawke.

Meanwhile Koj and Jarek are cerebrating their thwarting they notice Frogsoldiers quickly approaching them from behind and quickly duck into a dark ally. When the Frogs hopping by not even taking notice, nor caring, about the duo the two wonder what's up and follow the lizards. Noticing that they are chasing a girl, Jarek asks Koj if they're going to help her because "--you know how much I love messing with the Froggers" to which Koj replies "of course we'll help her... if the frogs want her she's OK in our book". So they rush to help her, Jarek taking to the air, and Koj on land.

Frogsoldiers hot on Serra's trail she swings from airship to rooftop to rooftop in a desperate attempt at escape. Finally catching her at a dead-end she (once again) thinks quickly, assessing the situation she plans to use a mooring plank below her for escape. Stalling the Frogs she threatens to drop the amulet off the side of the building. In a panic the frogs are prepared to actually listen instead of just react. Using the spare second they have given her she jumps off the side of the tower.

At the exact same time the mysterious shadowfigures start to take form and shape into malevolent figures take chase of the man-tiger, Koj. Out of instinct one of the Frogsoldiers whips his tongue out and catches Serra by the neck like a noose. When timing can't be worse Jarek swings by on his rope and snatches the amulet out of Serra's hand instead of her out of the Frog's grip, where then the amulet starts to glow.

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Eurosketch Cover Frech Edition (by: Crisse)
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All artwork by: Mike Wieringo
Dezago, T. (Dezago et al, 2000). Tellos #1. Berkeley, CA: Image Comics.
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