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Cover by: Mike Wieringo

Color: Full Color
Pages: 32
Format: regular series
Price: $2.50US / $4.99CAN
Release Date:

Written by: Todd Dezago
Artwork by: Mike Wieringo (pencils); Nathan Massengill (inks); Paul Mounts of Bongotone (colors and letters)

Varient Covers
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"Tellos is a magikal patchwork world made up of countless different lands and realms, populated by mythical and legendary creatures, filled with adventure... and danger!
"Pursued by the minions of the dark and malevolent Malesur, three of our heroes -- Serra, Jarek and Koj -- have joined forces in an attempt to thwart their common enemy! So far, however, things haven't been going so good..."

In the previous issue, the mysterious shadowfigures started to take form and shape into malevolent figures take chase of the man-tiger, Koj. Out of instinct one of the Frogsoldiers whipped his tongue out and caught Serra by the neck like a noose. When timing couldn't be worse Jarek swung by on his rope and snatched the amulet out of Serra's hand instead of her out of the Frog's grip, where then the amulet started to glow.

With a deafening thunderclap a giant glowing being is released. Setting Jarek safely on a rooftop Oge K'Tion, last of the once might race of The D'Jinn (think of them as warrior genies that don't grant wishes), reveals that he is the protector of "the one" who will free him.

Far away from Jeffsport, in the forest of Brillig, another half lizard half man Tellos resident takes notice of a major event that will change the face of Tellos forever. "...So it begins" he calmly says knowing the events that lie ahead.

On the other hand, Jarek's partner, Koj, notices the shadowy figures behind him take form, and knows what they are immediately: Shadowjumpers. Not actually ever seeing one, let alone a handful of them, they attack. Knowing their reputation for being deadly killers and warriors, he "fights with his head" doing what he can to fend them off. In the meantime Serra decides to take matters into her own hands, grabbing her sword she slices the Frogger's tongue off and almost makes it to safety on the plank below. Startled, a dragon, who's just minding his own business holding the plank in place, swallows what he's smoking (hrmmm... *rubs chin with a grin*), freaks out and files away screaming "I swallowed it! I swallowed it!", once again leaving Serra in peril. Jarek notices the danger Koj is in demands that the D'Jinn save him. The D'Jinn reaffirms his gig, he can only save and help "the one". So being the brave kid he is grabs onto a rope, swings past Koj, knocking down all the Shadowjumpers and lets Oge take care of them with a large explosion which only leaves Jarek standing (or rather knocked on his ass).

On the ground Serra introduces herself to the duo. Jarek gives her back the amulet acting like it was nothing, and the three are prepared to part their separate ways. The man-lizard mentioned before the appears, like out of nowhere, to where the tower used to be (now only a large crater) and tells, not asks, tells the trio to follow him. When Koj objects by pulling his sword the mystery man waves his hand and his sword's blade turns into light.

Back in his home in Brillig he finally reveals his name to the group: Thomestharustra, the mage of shades (man, it took just about three years but I finally memorized how to spell his name! Yay!). He also used to be the head dishwasher at the Talokian Arms (you have to love Todd's writing skills, he's the best).

He then begins to tell them the Legend of the lands.

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Varient Covers  
French Cover By: Crisse
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Oge K'Tion meets Jarek
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Cover by: Mike Wieringo
Dezago, T. (Dezago et al, 2000). Tellos #2. Berkeley, CA: Image Comics.
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