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Cover by: Mike Wieringo

Color: Full Color
Pages: 32
Format: regular series
Price: $2.50US / $4.99CAN
Release Date:

Written by: Todd Dezago
Artwork by: Mike Wieringo (pencils); Nathan Massengill (inks); Paul Mounts of Bongotone (colors and letters)

Varient Covers
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"Tellos is a magikal patchwork world made up of countless different lands and realms, populated by mythical and legendary creatures, filled with adventure... and danger!"

Meet Rikk, and right now he's stealing something he really shouldn't be stealing. (see below for details) Using a new-fangled object called a Bunjee Rope he lowers himself into the Queen's personal holding place and grabs himself a prize. But he's not the smartest of creatures in Tellos and is promptly spotted.

Meet Hawke, and right now he's trying to con a few drunks out of their Drues (Tellosian currancy) through a rigged Ball-And-Cup game. Well, Hawke isn't exactally the smartest Ulf in Tellos and is promptly caught in his con. Even if he isn't the smartest Ulf, you have to admit, he's got a sharp wit. He quickly turns Tonak and Quill on one another (the two he was conning) and begins to make his getaway.

Right at that moment Rikk busts through the door (busting Hawke's head in the process) with the Royal Gaurd right on his tail (pun intended). So using the aquaducts they make their escape... for a while but they end up in the "underground" of Luftholde... which is probably worse than having the Royal Gaurd chasing them. Rikk, for once, uses his brain and decides they need to use a disguise to get away... unfortunataly they pick the only two outlaws that are more hunted than they are!

Now using an air-balloon to make their escape they come accross Hawke's girlfriend, Sarra, as she's getting ready to face off against the Bounty Hunters!

Things just never seem to go right for these two.

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Varient Covers  
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By: Arthur Adams By: Jae Lee
By: Randy Green
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they don't call it luftholde for nothing the city
he's a tricky one "have at!"
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Regular cover and interior artwork by: Mike Wieringo
Dezago, T. (Dezago et al, 2000). Tellos #4. Berkeley, CA: Image Comics.
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