Introduced in 1998 the Escort ZX2 coupe featured a 2.0 L, 130 hp  Zetec DOHC four-cylinder engine, which featured VVT. In 2001, Ford dropped the Escort name and called it simply ZX2. ZX - Stood for Generation X and the 2 for 2 doors.

The ZX2 became an instant success with the new "tuner" market. All of a sudden there were clubs and a new market for body kits, performance tuning, aftermarket wheels and exhausts.

Not to be outdone, In Ford teamed up with Ford Racing and built their first "tuner" can the ZX2 S/R (Street/Race). It was introduced at Sema's Import Show in 1999. It's one of the rarest modern day cars with only an estimated build number of 2110 units.

The S/R featured factory installed aftermarket parts including intake, suspension,shifter, clutch,tune, unique interior appointments and a lot more.