Pennridge Lutherans Refugee
Committee Organization
"I was a stranger and you welcomed me." Matthew 25:35


Participating Lutheran Church Contact Persons


Pastor Jerry

Peace-Tohickon Perkasie
Dick Burkett

St. Andrew's Perkasie
Lynne Wescott 

St. James
Suzanne Fisher

St. John's Sellersville
Leah Woehr Grande

St. Luke's Dublin
Steve Gratias

St. Matthew's Kellerschurch
Marilynne Bagosy

St. Michael's Sellersville
Bruce Markley

St. Peter's
Line Lexington

Trinity Perkasie
Jim Garcia


The committee organization consists of two co-chairs who will oversee and assist the chairs of the action committees. 

Steve Gratias - Co-Chair, is the primary co-chair, and oversees the Childcare/Education, Finance, Household Items, and Housing Committees.  In addition, he is the primary contact with Lutheran Children and Family Service representatives.

Jim Garcia - Co-Chair, is the assistant co-chair and oversees the Employment, Furnishings, and Transportation Committees.  In addition, he is responsible for all communications with the organization and update of the master calendar.

The following action committees have been established:
     Childcare/Education      Household Items
     Employment                    Housing
     Furnishings                     Transportation
Click here for a description of each committees' area of responsibility.

The following individuals have agreed to chair or work on the following action committees.


Steve Gratias - St. Luke

Jim Garcia - Trinity
Cell 215-260-3844

Action Committees and Members


Communications/Master Calendar

Chair _______________Vacant -
Sandi Gratias St. Luke
Penny Markley St. John
Rena Rohrbaugh St. Luke (ESL/VITA)
Jamie Wescott St. Andrew 

Chair Jim Garcia - Trinity



Chair Don Rorhbaugh - St. Luke

 Chair Jim Garcia - Trinity
Kent Jurin -Trinity

Household Items


Chair  Dick Burkett Peace-Tohickon
Jan Abate Peace-Tohickon
Joyce Burkett Peace-Tohicken
Herman Slozer Peace-Tohickon
Lynne Wescott St. Andrew

Chair _______________Vacant
Jan Abate Peace-Tohickon
Suzanne Fisher St. James
Rena Rohrbaugh St. Luke
Lynne Wescott St. Andrew



Chair Steve Gratias St. Luke

Chair _______________Vacant
Jan Abate Peace-Tohickon
Dick Burkett Peace-Tohickon
Penny Markley St. John
Jamie Wescott St. Andrew



Chair Bruce Markley St. Michael
Kent Jurin - Trinity


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Nabiyev Family News

Two Family Members Have Arrived
Two family members arrived on July 29, 2005.
Read their message.  More info...

Church Committee Picnic

Otabek Birthday

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