Pennridge Lutherans Refugee
Committee Organization
"I was a stranger and you welcomed me." Matthew 25:35


Participating Lutheran Church Contact Persons


Pastor Jerry

Peace-Tohickon Perkasie
Dick Burkett

St. Andrew's Perkasie
Lynne Wescott 

St. James
Suzanne Fisher

St. John's Sellersville
Leah Woehr Grande

St. Luke's Dublin
Steve Gratias

St. Matthew's Kellerschurch
Marilynne Bagosy

St. Michael's Sellersville
Bruce Markley

St. Peter's
Line Lexington

Trinity Perkasie
Jim Garcia


The nine sponsoring churches will need to provide the support during the 120 days resettlement period.  Action committees have been formed in the following areas.

  Childcare/Education - Work with refugee parents to provide needed childcare.  Register children for school.  Arrange for English tutoring for adults if necessary. 

 Employment - Assist with job search, interviews, resumes, etc…  Provide cultural orientation as needed.

 Furnishings - Obtain beds, mattresses, chairs, other furniture items. 

 Household Items - Collect “Resettlement Welcome Boxes” consisting of kitchen and cooking utensils, towels, linens, blankets, etc.

 Housing - Search for and obtain affordable housing.  Arrange for temporary housing upon arrival.

 TransportationProvide transportation for the family to apply for SSN cards, state ID cards, food stamps, medical assistance etc.

 Shepherding - Provide assistance with shopping, laundry, banking, etc…  Befriend and visit to provide reassurance, cultural orientation, etc…

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Nabiyev Family News

Two Family Members Have Arrived
Two family members arrived on July 29, 2005.
Read their message.  More info...

Church Committee Picnic

Otabek Birthday

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