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A petition to the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences to

induct Bill Bixby into its Emmy® Hall of Fame:

& (added 5/9/09)

 A Petition to Paramount Television to release "The Magician" on dvd


8/6/12 Added photo to both the Career Credits page and to the Photo Gallery page
12/26/10 Added photo to Goodnight, Beantown page.

7/10/09 Added a new page about Goodnight, Beantown and added additional interviews on the Beantown Quotes page. Also added a quote the TV page.

 6/1/09 Added a photo to both the ACTING page and to the Home Page. Added 2 color photos to Magician page. 

5/18/09 Added 2 photos to Photo Gallery
5/15/09 Added photo to PERSONAL THOUGHTS Page and to ACTING Page.

4/24/09 Added photo to COURTSHIP Page

4/3/09 Added photo to DIRECTING Page

1/31/09: Added link on ACTING page to a March 1977 interview on Chicago TV

12/27/08: B/W photo added to My Favorite Martian quotes page. 

6/6/08: The 2008 Incredible Hulk movie will acknowledge Bill in a scene: SPOILER ALERT!

 5/21/08 On Tuesday, May 20th, 2008, Internet Radio Station had a radio show devoted to Bill Bixby’s TV series "The Magician" The program is archived on its website.

4/17/08 Share-a-Vision Radio, an internet broadcast network, has archived its April 15th, 2008 radio webcast tribute to Bill Bixby’s career. The show is "Talking Television with Dave White", with special host, author Ed Robertson, Pop Culture Critic and Television Historian and guest Brandon Cruz, who co-starred with Bill Bixby in "The Courtship of Eddie’s Father"


 1/19/08 Added link to Behind-the-Scenes Photos on The Incredible Hulk page

8/23/07 Replaced b/w photo with color version on The Magician page

5/12/07 Added a quote to both Steambath and The Magician page

5/6/07 Added color photo to My Favorite Martian

12/22/06 Added photo to Career Credits

10/27/06 Added photo to Hulk Quotes

8/25/06 Added 2 quotes to Acting

1/2/06 Added photos to Biography & Photo Gallery

8/26/05 Added 3 titles to Career Credits

8/5/05 Added photo to Public Recognition Quotes

1/19/05: in OTHER LINKS: List of Career Credits

7/6/04 Added quote to Acting

3/21/04: Added photo to Gallery of Guest Roles & added quote in Acting

1/26/04: Added link to more articles on Magician Quotes

1/22/04: Photo added in Personal Thoughts

12/21/03: Added 3 photos to Gallery of Guest Roles & 1 photo on Hulk Quotes


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