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resin body listing and pricing 11/21/2020

Jims custom rod shop

ALL Brand new bodies listed on e-bay and not on the web site are $12.00 each. discounts will apply.

All regular run resin bodies are $10.00 each .there will be a $4.50 domestic first class mail shipping charge per package no matter how many item you purchase at one time .

international air mail has been discontinued.

$1.00 discount for each additional body purchased.


Just ask if you seen something not listed on E-bay recently.

Some bodies are being discontinued due to the molds age and condition.

All Bodies can be cast in any solid color for a additional $2.00 each body. no body painting needed. remove some flash and just detail the bumpers and lights install or paint the windows. add decals or stickers and your finished. you can never chip or scratch the body color.

All bodies now come cast in bright white. same great resin just a different color.

For resin slot car body discounts, one body is $10.00 , two bodies are $19.00,, three are $28.00, four are $37.00, five are $46.00, six are $55.00, seven are $64.00, eight are $73.00, nine are $82.00 ten are $91.00, if you need larger quantities please contact me for discount adjusted pricing. free domestic shipping is included with all body purchases or two or more bodies.

(swb)= short wheel base, 440 Narrow tyco, AFX, Tomy,T-jet, some life like.
(vswb)= very short wheel base, T-jet, AFX, with the axle moved rearward )
(lwb)= long wheel base, TYCO 440 pan, Tomy turbo indy , aurora 4 gear
autoworld 4 gear.
(nlwb)= narrow long wheel base, tyco 440 pan with the body mount tabs
removed, Tomy turbo indy, both 4 gears.
(2 piece)= clear windows, can be cast in translucent colors too.
(T-jet) (tyco wide pan) (TYCO narrow) (AFX) = type of body mounts cast into the body. 

If a body is listed with (original aurora) (original afx) (original life like) or (original tyco) it is cast from a original slot car body with original body mounts , but can be mounted on any other chassis.

1930 Ford Model A hot rod (NLWB)

1933 Ford Phaeton 4 piece (4 gear)

1934 Diamond T Doodlebug custom tanker,2 piece (4 gear)

1934 Chrysler Airflow, 3 piece (4 gear)

1940 Ford coupe 2 piece (lwb) original tyco

1940 Ford Delivery van 2 piece (T-jet)

1941 Willys Coupe 3 piece (T-jet)

1948 Ford COE delivery truck 2 piece (NLWB)

1949 mercury 2 piece (T-jet)

1949 mercury gasser 3 piece (4 gear)

1950 Ford F1 pick up 2 piece (Tjet)
1950`s ford custom school bus 2 piece (TYCO wide)

1950`s two door sedan (tjet)

1950`s Jaguar XK 140 coupe 2 piece (LWB)

1950`s Jaguar XK 140 roadster race car (TYCO wide)

1952 chevy COE 4 door pick up 2 piece (4Gear)

1952 chevy 3100 custom pick up 2 piece (nlwb)

1952 GMC roll back 3piece (TYCO wide pan)

1953 chevrolet corvette 2piece (tjet)
1955 chevy belair. (nlwb)

1955 chevy 210 gasser 3piece (4 gear)
1956 chevy belair (swb) Tjet

1956 buick centry police 2piece (tjet)

1956 Ford Thunderbird 2 piece (Tjet)

1957 Buick Centry Wagon 2 piece (4gear)
1957 chevy corvette 6 piece body (swb) orginal autoworldAFX
1957 chevy pick up (swb) tyco 440X2
1957 chevy wrecker (nlwb)
1957 chevy nomad belair (swb)original autoworldAFX
1956 ford delivery (swb)

1959 Ford Thunderbird 2 piece (Tjet)

1960 Divco Delivery 2 piece (T-jet)

1960 Ford Ranch wagon 2 piece (T jet)

1960`s Indianapolis racer (T-jet) original T-jet

1960`s Jeep Gladiator Pick Up 2 piece (Tjet)

1960`s Mack N ambulance 2 piece (AFX short)

1960 studebaker champ pick up 2 piece (nlwb)
1961 Jaguar E-Type Coupe. (swb)
1962 corvette (lwb)
1962 chevy custom pick up (nlwb)

1962 chevy corvair monza (tjet mounts)
1962 chevy biscayne wagon (lwb)

1962 Chevy impala Gasser 3 piece (4 gear)

1963 Agajanian willard battery special 3piece (tjet)
1963 Cadillac Hearse / Ambulance.(swb)

1963 Cadillac Hearse long body 2 piece (tjet)

1963 Cadillac Ambulance long body 2 piece (tjet)

1963 Chrysler Turbine 2 piece (T-jet)

1963 Plymouth Belvedere Gasser 3 piece (4 gear)

1964 Buick Riviera 2 piece (4 gear)

1964 chevy impala 4 door 2 piece (tjet)

1964 Ford Falcon 2 piece (Tjet)

1964 Ford Galaxie 500 2 piece (t-jet mounts)

1964 Pontiac Grand prix 2 piece (tjet)

1965 dodge coronet AWB gasser 3piece (4gear)

1965 Dodge D100 pick up one piece (T jet)

1965 Ferrari 250 LeMans 2 piece (AFX) 

1965 Ford Ranchero 2 piece (Tjet)

1965 Mercury Comet Clycone Gasser 3 piece (4Gear)
1965 Volkswagen type 2 pick up .(swb)
1966 chevy nova.(nlwb)
1966 dodge D100 pick up (nlwb) opening hood
1966 dodge A100 delivery van 4 piece (tjet)
1966 cadillac hearse / ambulance(swb)
1966 oldsmobile toronado(nlwb)

1967 Ford Fairlane 2 piece (tjet)

1967 Ford Mustang coupe 2 piece (4gear)

1967 Ford N 600 wrecker 3 piece (T-jet)

1967 Ford N 1000 D wrecker 4 piece (T-jet) duel rear axle
1967 plymouth barracuda fast back (king cuda)(nlwb)
1967 mercury cougar (nitty gritty kitty)(nlwb)

1967 Toyota 2000 GT 2 piece (tyco 440X2)

1968 AMC GT 2 piece (swb) AFX

1968 Citroen DS 2 piece (T-jet)

1968 Chevrolet C-10 pick up 2 piece (4Gear)

1968 Chevrolet Camaro RS 2 piece (Tjet)

1968 chevrolet nova 2 piece (tjet)

1968 chevrolet nova 2 piece (nlwb)

1968 Dodge Dart Swinger 2 piece (T-jet)

1968 Lamborghini Miura P400S (swb) AFX

1968 Lincoln continental mark III 2 piece (tyco narrow)
1968 oldsmobile 442 W30 (nlwb)

1968 plymouth barracuda S 2piece (4gear)

1968 Toyota Land Cruiser 2 piece (Tjet)
1968 mustang cobra jet(lwb)

1969 Cadillac sedan deville (Tjet)

1969 cougar eliminator 2 piece (nlwb)
1969 Datsun Bluebird 510 coupe (swb)

1969 AMC ScRambler 3 piece (NLWB)
1969 AMX (t-jet only) original aurora

1969 AMX 2 piece (swb)

1969 BMW 2002 2 piece (Tjet)

1969 Dodge Daytona Supercharger 3 piece (4 Gear)
1969 camaro (swb) AFX

1969 Volkswagen varaint delivery 2 piece (tjet)

1970 chevrolet G-10 delivery van (TYCO narrow & T-jet)
1970 ford F-100 8` pick up(nlwb)
1970 ford F-100 6` pick up (Tjet)
1970 chevy chevelle SS 454. 2 piece (4 gear)

1970 Chevelle delivery wagon 2 piece (4 gear)
1970 chevy chevelle two door wagon (swb)

1970 chevy monte carlo 2 piece (T-jet)
1970 dodge van ambulance/police (swb)

1970 toyota celica gt 2piece (tjet)

1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 BOSS 351 2 piece (4 gear)
1971 Ford Mustang Shelby (swb) AFX

1971 Ford Pinto 2 piece (tjet)

1971 Ford Maverick grabber 2 piece (SWB)
1971 oldsmobile vista cruiser wagon (nlwb)

1971 Plymouth Satellite station wagon 2 piece (4 gear)
1971 Vega kamback wagon open engine bay (swb)

1972 AMC Matador 2 piece (AFX) original aurora
1972 chevy blazer (T-jet swb)

1972 chevy vega 2 piece (Tjet)

1972 Ford Grand Torino Sport 2 piece (NLWB)

1972 Ford Ranchero 2 piece (Tjet)

1973 chevy C-10 pick up 2 piece (nlwb)

1973 Mercury Montego GT stock car 2 piece (AFX) original aurora

1973 Pontiac grand am funny car (TYCO wide)

1973 Pontiac formula trans am 2 piece (tomt indy)

1974 AMC gremlin 2 piece (SWB)

1974 Ford Capri 2piece (tyco wide pan)
1974 vega funny car (4 gear) original aurora
1974 vega funny car (tyco lwb)
1975 chevy monza (swb)
1975 AMC Matador nascar (swb) AFX mounts original aurora

1976 Chevy Monza 2 piece (4 Gear)
1977 Ford mustang II funny car (4 gear)

1977 Mercury Villager station wagon 2 piece (AFX)
1979 Ford F150 pick up 2 piece (lwb)

1978 Dodge Magnum Stocker 2 piece (AFX) original aurora

1978 Dodge Adventure step side pick up 2piece (AFX)

1978 Ford Thunderbird stocker 2 piece (AFX) original aurora

1979 international scout 4 piece (SWB)

1980 chevrolet el camino 2 piece (tyco wide pan)

1980`s chevy citation (swb)

1980`s chevy S-10 stock (swb) Tjet

1980`s Oldsmobile omega 442 (nlwb)

1983 Chevrolet C-10 pick up 2 piece (4Gear)

1983 Monza RX7 2 piece (no mounts)

1986 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS aero coupe (AFX)

1987 Buick Grand National aero coupe (TYCO narrow) original tyco

1992 ford mustang 2 piece (lwb)
2000 chevy impala police car (lwb)
2005 jeep liberty (lwb)
2006 Dodge Charger (lwb)
2007 Chevy Silverado (lwb)
2009 Dodge challenger 2 piece (lwb)

2009 NASCAR COT (tyco wide pan)

2010 Dodge ram (AFX)

2010 Porsche GT 3 piece (AFX short)

2010 chevy camaro 2 piece (AFX)

2010 chevy camaro pro street 2 piece (nlwb)

2011 Ferrari 599XX GTB Fiorano 2 piece (TYCO wide pan)

2010 NASCAR COT wing (tyco wide pan)

2011 NASCAR COT spoiler (tyco wide pan)

2011 NASCAR COT life like body spoiler (afx mounts)

2012 Nationwide Chevy NASCAR (tyco wide pan)

2012 Nationwide Dodge NASACR (tyco wide pan)
A100 dodge cab over pick up 2 piece (swb)

A100 dodge cab over wrecker 3 piece (swb) afx mounts
AMC pacer.(swb)

aston martin DB4 2 piece (Tjet)

aston martin dbs 2piece (tyco wide pan)

B-61 Mack wrecker 5 piece (Tjet)
chevy ambulance (swb)
chevy chevette (swb)

chevy chevette pro street 2 piece (4 gear)

chevy corvair pro street (swb)
chevy delivery cube van (swb)
chevy impala SS 1990`s (NLWB)
Chevy Laguna stock car. (lwb)
Chevy Nascar AFX (swb)

Chevy S-10 pick up pro street (SWB)
Chaparral 2D (swb)
cheetah SCCA (swb)
COT 2009 chevy NASCAR (lwb)

COT 2010  NASCAR (TYCO wide mounts)
Camping world nascar truck (lifelike)(swb)
Datsun 240 Z. (swb)

Datsun 510 blue bird station wagon (tjet)
Dino Ferrari 2 piece (swb) T-jet

dirt modified 2 piece (lwb) tyco wide pan

dirt modified 2 piece (AFX)
Divco car hauler. (lwb)
Ferrari 250 GTO 2 piece (lwb)
fire bird pro street `90s (nlwb)
fire engine (modern big cab)(swb)
fire engine (T-jet modern cab)(vswb)
fire engine (vintage 50`s style) (swb)
fire truck (vintage 50`s style)(nlwb)
fire truck (vintage 50`s style snorkel)(nlwb)
fire truck (modern snorkel) (nlwb)
Ford GT(lwb)
ford ramp truck 2 piece (swb) TYCO wide mounts

dodge L700 ramp truck 2piece (swb) TYCO wide mounts
Ford LTD police car.(lwb)
Ford stub nose wrecker (swb)
GM stub nose wrecker(swb)
GM stub nose tank truck (swb)
GM stub nose garabge truck (swb)

GMC crackerbox semi tractor, 2 piece (T-jet)

Grand Prix racer 3 piece original copy (Tjet)

hudson hornet (lwb) tyco

Indianapolis racer 2 piece original copy (Tjet) original aurora

International wrecker (4piece)(T-jet) original aurora
Jaguar XK 120 SE 2 piece (LWB)
Jeep CJ7 (swb)AFX

Jeep Gladiator pick up truck (2piece)(T-jet mounts)

Jeep scrambler (Tjet)

Kennworth K100 ramp truck 2 piece (TYCO wide pan)
leyland delivery truck (swb)

Mack dump truck 4 piece (T-jet) original aurora

Mack B61 wrecker 4 piece (T-jet)

Mack B61 road tractor 4 piece (TYCO wide pan)
meyers manx  2 piece (swb)

modified stock car 2 piece body (swb) (AFX)

modified stock car gremlin tyco wide mounts 5 piece original TYCO

modified stock car pinto tyco wide mounts 5 piece original TYCO
nash metropolitan (swb)
poison pinto wagon (nlwb)
pontiac NASCAR TYCO (swb) original TYCO
Porsche 911 Carrera .(swb)
porsche Cayman S(swb)

Porsche Targa 2 piece (T-jet)
porsche 356A .(swb)

Porsche 904 (T-jet reproduction)
rambler wagon (swb)

Renault LeCar 2 piece (T-jet)
volkswagen 1965 type 2 pick up (swb)
VW panel bus .(swb) 2 piece

VW 21 window bus (swb) 2 piece
VOLKSWAGEN new beetle. (lwb)
volkswagen karmann ghia race (swb)
volkswagen thing type 181 (swb)
volkswagen fast back 2 piece (LWB)

4 gear pro stock body 3 piece ( original autoworld 4 gear mounts)

accessories; ($1.00 each unless listed)
drivers $1.00 each
war wagon, track side tool box ($5.00)
port a potty`s ($1.00 each)
starting tree ($1.00 each)
engine castings 50+ different castings
pro stock hood scoops
race drivers
afx replacement race drivers
aurora drivers
custom wheels
side pipes zoom pipes (7 different styles)
surf boards
convertible interiors and top boots
engine bays.
body mounts,($1.00 set) T-jet, 4 gear,
body mounts ($1.00 each) tyco narrow, AFX.

Email me at james40@rcn.com