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working with resin

Jims custom rod shop


Some Tips to make working with my bodies a little easier.

Working with Resin ;

CLEANING - Before using, parts must be washed off with acetone or isopropyl alcohol, or rubbing alcohol, to remove the mold release then use a strong soap like Comet Cleanser. I always scuff the bodies before priming with scotch brite scuff pads.

  • WARPING - If part is warping or bent, use hot (NOT BOILING) water to help pull it back into shape. Then use cold water for it to "take a set" as you would with a plastic kit.
  • BODY WORK - After cleaning, the parts may be sanded, filled or drilled. finger nail files or emery boards work real well. Small imperfections or air bubbles can be filled with gel super glue or 5 minute epoxy. JB weld Quick is recommended. use super glue to attach seperate small parts or fix cracks.
  • PAINTING - Primer coats of any plastic model car primers work best. automotive primer or VALSPAR lacquer spray primer available at LOWES. on all parts before painting. Hobby paints, enamel and automotive lacquers work fine for finish coats. use light color primers under light top colors and dark primer under dark top colors.
  • GLUING - Use super glue or 5 minute epoxy , JB Weld quick. 
  • WINDOWS - Trim carefully with Dremmel sanding drum. scuff up serfaces to be glued, attach with clear epoxy. or use gel super glue. clear windows can be polished with clear plastic polish.
  • Always use respirator dust mask when sanding resin parts.


A DREMMEL is always handy, the 1/4" sanding drum is the most usefull.

Small files,finger nail files, emery boards, hobby knife and fine sandpaper are good hand tools to use.

e-mail me with questions at james40@rcn.com