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Truck Castings

Jims custom rod shop


This is a new MACK B61 model road tractor, it can pull the TYCO US1 trailers, if you sand the top piece of the fifth wheel off it will pull the Autoworld / Aurora style trailers. This tractor has the TYCO 440X2 wide pan style mounts cast into the body.



1962-1965 Dodge / Fargo D700 ramp trucks are back in production and are available now at $15.50 each. This body has mounts for front and rear axles (axles and wheels not included) and is hollow in the center if you want to make a operational slot car, the Plymouth Belvedere is not included.


 1967 Dodge D700 flat beds are not available at this time at $00.00 each. they are a 5 piece model kit. they are non operational just diorama display pieces.  wheels and NASCAR not included. these are 1/64 scale (hot wheel-matchbox-H.O. slot car scale)
i need to replace the mold over this winter.


I love trucks and there are not to many truck slot car builders out there, so here are some of mine.

Painted bodies are for reference only and are not for sale.

 Resin slot truck bodies, 
$1.00 discount for each additional body purchased.
$10.00 for a bare body, some sanding is included. resin colors will vary.
$12.00 for a body cast in a solid color of your choice.
My custom resin bodies are one of a kind. you will not find copies of any other resin cast from any other person on my website. My bodies are made from a high quality commercial resin with a shore 70 hardness. if you don`t see a special body style your looking for just ask. I can make any body style you need. Molds are $85.00 for a one piece body, and $100.00 for a two piece body. You will receive 2 complete resin castings from your mold for free. and the mold becomes the proptery of Jims Custom Rod Shop.











Email me at james40@rcn.com