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There are teams all around the world. Visit Underwater Hockey Tourist or Grab a Game  or  World Hockey Index
 to find one near you.

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What is Underwater Hockey

Underwater hockey is a sport played on the bottom of a pool using mask, snorkel, and fins. SCUBA is not used. A plastic covered lead puck is pushed or flicked along the pool bottom with a short stick (about 10 inches long) that is held with one hand only. There are six players per team in the water at one time and up to four substitutes, available to jump in at any time, are allowed.

The playing area is roughly 25m long by 15m wide and optimally 2.5m deep. There is a goal at each end of the playing area, which is a metal trough about 10 feet across and just deep enough so that the puck doesn't come out once put in.

The object of the game is to put the puck in the opposition's goal. To do this a team must work together, for one person can not feasibly score a goal alone. There are a variety of strategies and formats a team plays to be most effective.

There are over 500 known Underwater Hockey players in the world (1999 UWH census)

Stages of an UWH Career

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The Underwater Hockey E-Mail News Networks

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To get in to the Underwater Hockey Chat Room
  1. go to
  2. clik in entrar/enter.
  3. write you user name, room chat (english o español).
  4. clik in connect now!
  5. when you are in the room, just write and to send the mensagge press enter
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Tournaments and Clinics

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Send them to The Guild  care of  murray.brooks@at
Murray will then post it to the referee’s guild for discussion, Murray or his nominee will then do a summary and forward it to the senior referee’s panel within the guild.  From there a definitive interpretation will come back to him which will be posted to the guild list and be sent out on other mailing lists and also returned to the person who asked the question.
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Public Relations

Ways to spread the word of UWH

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Governing Bodies

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