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here you will find the few cosplay items and general crafts i have made or painted myself.

completed projects


this was one of my first projects to be seen on the net. its a paper mache mask that didnt quite turn out as well as i would have liked. it is based off a hunter ninja mask worn by a young ninja named haku in the anime "naruto" this mask was made with a little red,black and white poster paint, old news papers,and flour paste. and a large balloon


this is a pic of what this mask was supposed to look like


these are on of my current projects based on a character from the popular anime "naruto" they were actually quite easy to make with dark navy fleece edges a little elastic,white and dark blue threads and white flannel material


above is a picture of what uchiha sasuke's half sleeves supposed to look like.


this was supposed to be a "kosode" (wich is basically an inner shirt that goes under a haori) top for my kikyou costume for last year's no brand con. it was made with white thread, white broadcloth and red braided rope threaded through the cuffs.


this was what the kosode was supposed to look like. sadly. mines not that good.


my first attempt at making the ninja shoes called "zori" the pic is kinda dark i know gomen..the shoes were made with an old pair of house slippers dark blue fleece and dark blue thread


this is a better look at what a zori is supposed to look like


this is a hitai ate for the village of leaf..but me..being the baka that i am took the pic upside down..the hitai-ate is made of dark blue fleece dark blue thread grey broadcloth and black sharpie permanent marker.


leaf hitai-ate

work in progress: uchiha sasuke high neck t-shirt


lots of work yet to be done on the collar and sleeves of the shirt. and also painting the uchiha clan symbol on the back in red and white fabric paint

more to come soon after pics are available.