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welcome all to my home away from home. where you will  be able to find my fan fics from favorite games,books,animes, or whatever else comes out of my little mind..also you will be able to find pics,gifs,dolls,me blog,me guest book..(please sign!)and other odds and ends picked up by me like quizzes(not my own) plenty of cool links.its still a pretty small site but im working on that..

please enjoy your stay and be patient with me. theres not much to the site but im in a lazy mood lately. ^_^

yes...yes..its a shameless plug..visit my blog!

^_^ me very first adoption!


hello all, i am kit-chan.known to some as "baka_ kitsune",mistress to this little site and hope you love it here as much as i do

please sign my guestbook!