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the newest updates can be found towards the bottom of the page

hello, here you will find listed anything new,fixed, or updated on the site listed. i wouldnt expect much i kinda get lazy with the updates -_-;

10-10-03: hello! another tiny update here,been so busy lately,costumes to make candy to buy house to decorate, ect ect. but i  just wanted to add two new dolls with halloween themes and a new quiz result..enjoy!

12-17-03: hi again! kalika here with another *coff* update...o.o; *coff* well anyways.. ive added a new counter,new dolls,and just a few new anime pics. thats it so far!

06-18-04: hey again! ive finally got off my lazy bum and started an update! so far ive got some new links up webcomics n such and one for me blog! ive also gave the sites look an it? should i change it back? and for those who read it..ive updated the day the music died in the fanfics section. woot!

12-28-04: konichiwa! its been a LONG time ssince my last update i know..but ive finally done *coughs* some work to the see..a layout pics,quizzes,dolls and im even starting to organize the pics anf fics better ^_^;; well thats about updates muses *pokes both* oni-kun and maru-chan are still on strike x.x; well..ja ne till next update..


though the site was built mainly to hold my fics i want to add a picture gallery and one for my own art -_-;; bad as it may be i want people to see what i can do! theres other things i'd like to add but for now its back to putting this place together!

Whats New?

Under Construction

new quizzes.anime pics,crafts and cosplay items

coming soon!

the next no brand con pics? maybe but that wont be until after april..we will see...