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Anthology of Chinese Literary Essays (Translated by Li-Chung Wang)


  1. Duke Zhuang Conquered Duan at Yan City 《左傳》

  2. The Exchange of Hostages between Chou and Cheng《左傳》

  3. Stone Advised the King Not to Dote on Prince Jou《左傳》

  4. Tsang Advised the King Not to Watch Fishing《左傳》

  5. The King of Country Jeng Admonished His Defending Generals《左傳》

  6. Duke Ai Criticized the King of Lu for Accept the Caldron of Kao《左傳》

  7. Gui Cao's Opinion on War《左傳》

  8. Gong Advised the King Not to Let Jinn's Troops Pass Through Their Territory《左傳》

  9. The Response of General Yi to the King of Country Qin《左傳》

  10. Eunuch P Went to See King Wen《左傳》

  11. Zhi-tui Jie Did Not Ask for a Reward《左傳》

  12. Uncle Jian Cried for Troops《左傳》

  13. Premier L Gave an Ultimatum to the King of Qin《左傳》

  14. Chih Refuted Chin's Blame《左傳》

  15. Ch'i Asked to Pardon Hsiang《左傳》

  16. Zi-chan Advised Xuan-zi Fan to Reduce Taxes《左傳》

  17. Yen Did Not Die in Reaction to the King's Death《左傳》

  18. Zi-chan Did Not Allow Inexperienced He Yin to Be a City Manager《左傳》

  19. Duke Chao Advised Emperor Li to Allow Criticism《國語》

  20. Lee Corrected the King's Mistake by Cutting the Fishing Net《國語》

  21. Scholar Jaan's Opinion on Worshiping a Sea Gull《國語》

  22. Jiang Jing's Opinion about Work《國語》

  23. Shawn Congratulated Han on His Poverty《國語》

  24. Peace Negotiations between Private Citizens of Song and Chuu《公羊傳》

  25. The Troops of Yu and Jin Destroyed Xia-yang City 《穀梁傳》

  26. Su Attempted to Persuade the King of Ch'in to Adopt the Strategy of the East-West Alliance《戰國策》

  27. Cuo Si-Ma Argued for Attacking the State of Shu《戰國策》

  28. Ji Zou Suggested That the King of Qi Accept Advice《戰國策》

  29. Chu Yan Persuaded the King of Qi《戰國策》

  30. Xuan Feng As a House Guest of Prime Minister Meng-chang《戰國策》

  31. Hsin Chuang's Opinion on Favored But Disreputable Officials《戰國策》

  32. Zhe Chu Persuaded the Queen Mother of Zhao《戰國策》

  33. Because the King of Qin Lacked Virtue, Lu Did Not Agree That He Should Become the Emperor 《戰國策》

  34. Ju Tang Succeeded in His Mission《戰國策》

  35. Yi Yue Replied to the King of Yen《戰國策》

  36. Si Li Asked the King to Abolish the Edict Requiring Foreigners to Leave(李斯

  37. Asking for Directions《楚辭》

  38. Yu Song Answered the King of Chu's Question楚辭

  39. Chung Kuan and Ying Yen史記

  40. Yuan Qu, the Father of Chinese Poetry《史記》

  41. The Preface to the Biographies of Cruel Officials《史記》

  42. Knights-errant Honor the Code of Chivalry《史記》

  43. Kun Chun-yu, a Humorist《史記》

  44. A Good Economy Makes People's Dreams Come True《史記》

  45. The Letter to Shao-qing(司馬遷)

  46. The Faults of the Qin Dynasty I (賈誼)

  47. The Strategy of National Security I(賈誼)

  48. The Government Should Emphasize Agriculture and Regulate Business(鼂錯)

  49. Zou Wrote a Letter in Jail to King Liang-xiao(鄒陽)

  50. Xiang-ru Si-ma Warned Emperor Wu-di about the Danger of Hunting(司馬相如)

  51. Ling Li Replied to the Letter of Wu Su(李陵)

  52. Prime Minister Zhu-Ge's Letter Written Before He Set Out on a Campaign I(諸葛亮)

  53. Prime Minister Zhu-Ge's Letter Written Before He Set Out on a Campaign II諸葛亮

  54. A Statement of Pliant Submitted to the Emperor(李密)

  55. Preface to the Collection of Poems at the Gazebo Orchid(王羲之)

  56. Going Home(陶淵明)

  57. The Springhead in a Blooming Peach Grove陶淵明

  58. Mr. Five-Willow-Trees陶淵明

  59. Northern Mountain's Rejection(孔雉珪)

  60. Advice to Emperor Tai-zong(魏徵)

  61. General Jing-ye Xu's Address on Declaring the War Against Empress Ze-tian Wu(駱賓王)

  62. The Tower of King Teng(王勃)

  63. The Garden Party on a Spring Evening(李白)

  64. Lament for the Old Battlefield(李華)

  65. My Cabin(劉禹錫)

  66. Ode to E-pang Palace(杜牧)

  67. Thousand-mile Horses(韓愈)

  68. The Teacher's Theory(韓愈)

  69. Why We Attend School(韓愈)

  70. Mason Cheng-fu Wang(韓愈)

  71. Advisor Cheng Yang(韓愈)

  72. Congratulation to Yuan Li on His Return to the Winding Valley(韓愈)

  73. The Follow-up Letter to the Prime Minister Nineteen Days After the First Letter(韓愈)

  74. The Follow-up Letter to the Prime Minister Twenty-nine Days After the Second Letter(韓愈)

  75. Letter to the Minister of Personnel(韓愈)

  76. Letter to Director Ch'en(韓愈)

  77. Advice to Jiao Meng(韓愈)

  78. Eulogy to My Nephew(韓愈)

  79. Offering to the Alligators(韓愈)

  80. The Epitaph on Zong-Yuan Liu's Tomb(韓愈)

  81. The Epitaph Honoring Ji Zi(柳宗元)

  82. The Snake Catcher(柳宗元)

  83. The Arborist, Humpback Guo柳宗元)

  84. The Biography of an Architect(柳宗元)

  85. Preface to Inferior Creek Poetry(柳宗元)

  86. Mayor Wei Built a New Tower Outside Yong-zhou City(柳宗元)

  87. Congratulations on Can-yuan Wang's Home Catching Fire柳宗元

  88. The Small Hill to the West of Lake G柳宗元)

  89. The Hourglass Hall(王禹偁)

  90. The Bamboo Chambers of the Yellow Mountain Peak(王禹偁)

  91. Epilogue to The Great Park in City L(李格非)

  92. Yue-yang Tower(范仲淹)

  93. The Virtuous Cropland(錢公輔)

  94. Establishing Schools in City Y(理覯)

  95. Releasing Prisoners(歐陽修)

  96. Preface to the Collection of Monk Bi-yan's Poems(歐陽修)

  97. Preface to the Collection of Mei's Poems(歐陽修)

  98. Farewell to Zhi Yang(歐陽修)

  99. Preface to the Biography of the Actors in the Five Dynasties(歐陽修)

  100. Glory Chamber in Xiang-zhou City(歐陽修)

  101. The Gazebo of the Old Drunkard(歐陽修)

  102. Ode to the Sound of Autumn(歐陽修)

  103. Eulogy to My Friend Man-qing(歐陽修)

  104. The Epitaph at Shuang-gang City(歐陽修)

  105. Mental Discipline(蘇洵)

  106. Count Liang Zhang(蘇軾)

  107. Yi Jia(蘇軾)

  108. The Gazebo of Blessing Rain(蘇軾)

  109. The Overlook Levitating above the Clouds(蘇軾)

  110. The Transcendental Stone Overlook(蘇軾)

  111. The Mountains of Stone Chimes(蘇軾)

  112. The Inscription on the Tablet at the Temple of Yu Han(蘇軾)

  113. An Edited Collection of Lu's Advice A Gift to the Emperor(蘇軾)

  114. Ode to the Red Cliff (I)(蘇軾)

  115. Ode to the Red Wall II(蘇軾)

  116. The Mansion of Three Pagoda Trees(蘇軾)

  117. A Letter to Privy Council President Qi Han(蘇轍)

  118. The Gazebo of Joy in Yellow City (蘇轍)

  119. Best Wishes to Mr. Li and Mr. An(曾鞏)

  120. Visiting Bao-chan Mountain(王安石)

  121. Epilogue of Records of the Inscriptions on Bronze and Stonee(李清照)

  122. Deep Contemplation(方孝孺)

  123. The Tower that Honors the Six Classics(王守仁)

  124. Travelers' Burial王守仁

  125. Analysis of Sir Xin-ling's Rescue of the State of Zhao(唐順之)

  126. To Mr. Liu(宗臣)

  127. My Ambition Has Not Been Fulfilled(梁啟超)

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