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W E L C O M E !

November 16, 2003


Liberty Independent Baptist Church, Inc.

Pastor Felix Camps: 956-5777; Cell Phone: 397-5567

  And it shall come to pass, that Whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.   Acts 2:21



 Thank you, Lord, for knowing me as no one has before,

For all Your gifts, and even when I sometimes ask for more,  

Thank you, Lord,

for standing by though times be good or bad,

For never throwing up to me, the chances I have had.

 Thank You, Lord,

for picking up the pieces when they fall

For always being near enough

to hear me when I call.

Thank you, Lord,

for holding on to me when I would go,

For finding deep within my soul,

the things that never show.

 Thank You, Lord,

for promises you never fail to keep,

For counting every heartbeat

when I lay me down to sleep.

Thank you, Lord,

for mercy and wisdom that you show,

For sometimes saying “Yes” to me,

and sometimes saying “No.”

Thank You, Lord,

for patience when I feel like giving up,

For adding honey to the

dregs I taste within my cup,

Thank you, Lord,

for loving me as no one ever can,

For wishing me an Angel, but for seeing me as I am.