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Dedicated to the children’s class of

Liberty Independent Baptist Church

November 2003 - Issue 50

As with each and every issue, this is dedicated to

Cindy Barrentine,

Teacher, Mom,  Sister, Daughter, Friend

Dedicated to the children’s class of

Liberty Independent Baptist Church

Nov 2003 - Issue 50 - SPECIAL EDITION

50th issue?  I can’t believe it.  When Bill and I started teaching the kids, we knew all eyes would be watching.  Our goal has always been to ask ourselves, “Would Cindy like what we are doing?”.  We hope we have been able to honor her and the Lord in our ventures with the kids.

We came up with the idea for “Kids Corner” to try and let the parents know what your kids were doing in Sunday school.  And also, in hopes parent participation would pick up.  We feel our goals have been met.  We know we can count on the parents to help out and chaperone and make snacks when we need them. 

Looking back on the old issues, we decided to take a walk down memory lane.  We are always amazed at how much the kids have grown and matured, many in ways that we feel some are being led into ministry in one way or another. 

Sit back and enjoy our tribute to the last four years of God’s children growing and having fun…

September 2000, Butterfly Central


Oct 2000 Our Newest class members

Our Visit to the W.R. Animal Shelter on 16 Dec 2000.


Our first visit to Wild Adventures, May 2001

Holly, Johnnie, Whitney, Miranda, Courtney, Nicole,

Josh D, Ritchie posing as the hunter!

Old Fashioned Day – July 29th, 2001


Bubba walking away from the Bobbing for Apples contest at our Fall Festival in November.  After numerous tries, SUCCESS!!  Fall Festival – 2001

A favorite….Poor Mr.  Bill

Recognize the big kid?

Joshua D, Whitney and Courtney

Johnnie, Miranda, Nicole

Preacher’s Egg Race! 

I laughed for an hour afterwards!

Miranda performing the narration of the

kids play “The Tale of Three Trees”, Dec 2001

Christmas 2001

We found a book called “The Tale of Three Trees” and adapted it for Christmas Play for the Kids.  Talk about hard work.  But I was so proud of the kids.  We worked for 6 Saturdays in Nov and Dec and they wowed the crowd! 


Final Scene of the play


This is the year we decided to adopt a theme for our lock in.  This was about the time “Fear Factor” was catching on as a hit series.  We pumped the kids up for about 3 months about what they would have to do, i.e., eat worms, touch eyeballs, etc.  Some of them really psyched themselves up for the games.  The big winner of the night, Courtney.  She had no fear about touching eyeballs, as a matter of fact, before we could catch her, she had the “eyeballs” in her mouth” and all she had to do was touch them!

Fear Factor Lock-in

Pay close attention to her upper lip! 

(What?  Would we harass your children when they are sleeping?)

Digging for eyeballs

Oh, we won’t go to sleep

Not really asleep.  Just testing the pillow

Can’t you see the fear?

Yellow River Ranch

Let the fun begin!

We walked through the place and it wasn’t exactly what I would have liked (you know, the people in cages and the animals running around free!).   The first critter to greet us was a squirrel that was so used to being hand fed, Josh J got right up to him and gave him a peanut.  Then we had a chipmunk follow us around, her cheeks already packed full, waiting for the kids to drop something.

The peacocks joined us for lunch outside the park.  Have you ever seen two male peacocks fight?  We have.  The two males approached each other (on Denise’s side of the picnic table) and checked each other out.  Then the foot stomping began, and the fight was on.  When the smaller male took off toward the picnic table (more accurately, toward Denise) and then veered off into the parking lot we all breathed a sigh of relief. 


No matter what we tried,

we couldn’t get the bear

to look at us!


Vacation Bible School has come and gone and a good time was  had by all. 

The girls won the penny march and didn’t even have to cheat! 


A lesson in the making….

Boys need all the help they can get….

Practice has begun!

Balloon Release at the Lock in

The Morning After….

Scavenger Hunt!!!

Tanya, Whitney, Joshua D, Courtney, Erica

One of the items to be found was a bird.  When we told Erica this, she got this look of horror on her face and said, “A Dead One???!!”.  After the laughter subsided, they were off and running.

We walked some of the nature trails, visited the nature center and had a great lunch (Thank you, Mr. Bill).  But most of all, we had a great time of fellowship with the kids which was the most important thing!

On the count of three, say “Girls Rule”, even

though the boys won (for the first time ever) the Tug of War

Old Fashioned Sunday

Look what the Scavenger hunt dragged in..



Again, based on the popular TV show, we decided to do another Themed lock in.  The idea was to make the kids work as a team.

The rules are being set…

Winning Tribe

Fumbly Bumbly Angels – 2002

This was by far the biggest venture with the kids. 

We found “The Fumbly Bumbly Angels”.  The stage was set, the presentation was about to begin, and Satan attacked.  What could have been a disaster, with twenty minutes until show time, turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  Marcella stood up and volunteered to be in the play!  All things worked out in the end.

The Preacher presented with his t-shirt

Second Place Tribe

What Sleep?

Chuckee Cheese

 We also visited Wild Adventures this year. 

Unfortunately my camera was still in the car!

Mr. Bill and the class


Joshua, Miranda then….

Joshua now,  (Please pray for him!)


Miranda now

Courtney and Whitney then…..

Courtney & Whitney now..

Joshua J then….

Joshua J now….

Of course, we couldn’t list every thing we have done with the kids, but you can get the gist of it.  We’ve lunched together, seen movies, gone roller skating, and many other interesting things. 

This month we added 22 links for a total of 278 to our prayer chain.

 JOSHUA JONES will be going to lunch with Mr. Bill on Nov 16th for winning the Bible Award

We have collected $423.12 for Kids Yule Love.

Our Bible Verse for November is Romans 6:23