Poems from the Past - by Fred Schafer

Welcome to my Poems from the Past page.  If you are familiar with my site, you know that I have a strange form of comedy, but I have a comedic side nonetheless.  I do not take stuff too seriously and I like to have a little fun, no matter how pointless or stupid it is.  These poems that I have written ten years ago are NOT funny and reflect a more dark and depressive side of me.  If you are looking to see what funny stuff I have on my page, I suggest you turn around now and go back to my main page.  If you really want to stop laughing for a second and see what my thoughts and ideas were in my High School years, then continue at will.

I lived my teenage years full of depression and lonliness.  You don't know how lonely someone can get unless you ARE that person or you might be able to make sense of it with information from that person's past.  I decided to post ALL of my poems on my site so people can see how bad my life once was at one point.  This way, you can see why I am depressed and why I have done the things I have done and do the things I keep doing.  Most of these poems were based on a girl I was obsessed with in High School named Lisa.  Please don't ask me what her full name is; I will not give that confidential information out to anyone.  The rest of these poems mainly told stories of how I was feeling during times of my life.  Please note that I feel better now that I have grown up and am not a damaged teen anymore.  These poems do NOT reflect how I truly feel today.  They are a part of history that I have decided to unveil to the public for the first time ever.  I feel much better and have a new inspiration in life.   Anyways...

Once again, there is nothing funny to see on the next few pages.  If you are sure you want to continue, then go right ahead; it is your choice when it all boils down to it.

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Not sure what to expect? Here is a sample poem.   Not sure what to expect? Here is a sample poem.   Not sure what to expect? Here is a sample poem.