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A - Abbott to Austin

B - Badger to Byrne

C - Cable to Cutler

D - Daff to Dyson

E - East to Eyres

F - Fagg to Fyfe

G - Gabb to Guymer

H - Hacking to Hynes

I - Ifould to Ives

J - Jack to Judd

K - Kairtan to Kyle

L - Lachal to Lyons

M - Macalpine to Mylne

N - Napier to Nursey

O- Oakley to Oxlade

P - Pace to Pyke

Q - Quance to Quirk

R - Raffen to Ryan

S - Sago to Syle

T - Tainton to Twigg

U- Ulrick to Uren

V - Vale to Voges

W - Wackett to Wyndham

Y - Yarra to Young