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Mirage's Australian Aviation Outlook

Welcome to my personal web site!

This site is dedicated to the Australian Fighter Pilot, a man of true courage and ternacity, that in every conflict he has flown in has distinguished himself, and proven that training overcomes technical superiority.

On this site you will be able to search through my database on Australian WW2 fighter pilots, read their histories and view thier pictures. This database while extensive is in no way complete and will be updated often to fill in the many gaps that currently exist.

To this end I would encourage all those with infomation dealing with Australian fighter pilots to share their knowledge and e-mail me, so that, after verification I can add their knowledge to the database.
I am currently rebuilding my database after being hacked, if you cannot find the pilots name you are chasing please contact me and I will give you what details I have or check back from time to time.


Numerous sources and reference books have assisted me in compiling this database and as it is ongoing I will be continually adding to this list.

If I have missed a reference or not listed a source please accept my apologies and contact me so that I can recify the error.

Royal Australian Air Force 1939 - 1942 by Douglas Gillison
Noble Six Hundred by Vincent Adams Winter
The Battle of Britain by Richard Townsend Bickers
Mustangs of the RAAF and RNZAF by Peter N Anderson
The Narrow Margin by Derek Wood and Derek Dempster

Clive 'Killer' Caldwell

Clive "Killer" Caldwell
Australias highest scoring Ace in the Second World War with 28 1/2 Kills

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