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Pilot Officer Edward Henry Thomas ALDERSON 402838

Squadrons: 3 Sqn

Date of Birth: 21st July 1913
Birthplace: Rotherhide England
Enlistment Date: 11th November 1940
Place of Enlistment: Sydney NSW

01 Jun 42 - At 1830 hrs five Kittyhawks of 112 Sqn RAF and six from 3 Sqn were scrambled, meeting four Ju 88s of I/KG 54and four Bf 110s, with an escort of Bf 109s. Four of these fighters from III/JG 53 attacked the Kittyhawks, Lt Quaritsch shooting down P/O Wilson of 112 Sqn RAF in flames, the pilot bailing out and becoming a POW. Ten minutes later Lt Stecher claimed a fighter in flames and Obfw Kronschnabel claimed one as shot up and belly landed, though this claim was not confirmed, a Bf 110 also claimed a Hurricane. Sgt Alderson of 3 Sqn was hit and slightly wounded, his aircraft being damaged, while F/L Barr claimed a Bf 109 and damaged a Bf 110, F/L P Coward and Sgt Neillalso each claimed a Bf 109. 15 Sep 42 - A Stuka raid was mounted at 1715 hrs, escorted by eighteen Bf 109s from I Gruppe, fifteen from II Gruppe and ten from III Gruppe/JG 27. Ten Kittyhawks of 250 Sqn RAF took off as top cover to ten of 450 Sqn and eight of 3 Sqn, eight of 112 Sqn also scrambling. They attacked the German formation ten miles south west of El Alemien. The two Australian squadrons sighted eight Bf 109s above and seven more 'up sun', a general dogfight beginning. More Bf 109s joined the fight, but 112 and 250 then dived in with a hieght advantage and the Axis fighters were driven off. P/O Clabburn of 3 Sqn probably destroys one Bf 109, P/O Kildey and P/O Alderson each claiming a damaged. P/O Donald and Sgt Scribner failed to return, P/O Kildey and Sgt  Bee each had their aircraft badly damaged, and the latter pilot was slightly wounded. The squadron reported seeing a Bf 109 and a Kittyhawk crash, and also saw a Bf 109 collide with another aircraft. F/O Marting of 450 Sqn claimed to have shot down one Bf 109 and damage a second, Sgt Gleeson claiming a probable, Sgt Ewing failed to return. (0.0.1) 20 Oct 42 - At 1130 hrs twelve Kittyhawks of 112 Sqn RAF, ten of 3 Sqn and others from 250 Sqn RAF escorted twenty four Baltimores and B-25s over Fuka, where they were attacked by sixteen Bf 109s and MC 202s. P/O Neill, Ritchie and Taylor spotted a twin engined Italian bomber and attacked. They hit it many times, but it landed near Abu Haggag. In the meantime three fighters attacked the rest of the squadron, P/O Alderson was shot down by enemy fighters.

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