Aphrodite is most often described as radiant and shining:  when Aphrodite is present the whole world acquires a soft, golden glow.  "Foam born," she is associated with the creative, life-giving sea and is a goddess of death and rebirth.  Also the goddess of passoinate love, Aphrodite joins us to one another.  She is feminine being in all her fullness and her realm is that of relationship and feeling.  Here she is shown in the form of a dove, embracing her son, Eros, and his wife, Psyche.  This moment depicts the point at which a new and renewed relationship with love is possible.  This moment reveals an Aphrodite who demands maturity if we are to be in true relationship:  when we embrace mature love, Aphrodite is there to bless us.

together in light and darkness


description & paintings  by Susan Seddon Boulet