Ishtar is the multi-layered Babylonian creatrix goddess, the source of all life and embodiment of the power of nature.  She is the giver of plenty, a lawgiver, a judge, the goddess of the time as well as the goddess of both love and war.  Her name means "giver of light" and derives from her role as queen of heaven.  She is Venus as both morning and evening star and her girdle is the zodiacal belt.  Ishtar descends to the underworld and restores the vegetation god, Tammuz, to life and thus restores fertility to the earth.  As she descends, she removes a veil at each gate.  While she is underground all life on Earth is depressed and nothing comes to life.  Ishtar is a multi-faceted, powerful symbol of a forthright mode of being that is unafraid to venture into the depths of the underworld.  She represents the creative feminine, active, and strong.

together in light and darkness


description & paintings  by Susan Seddon Boulet