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Tearing through my soul, searching for truth

I've finally started my window to the world.  In a small attempt to give someone something to read about or learn something new about me, I've decided to add a few things about myself and things I believe are worth mentioning.  I hope you enjoy and please give me your opinion and ideas, I'd really appreciate it.

Thank you all.
Blessed be.

                        All created by Susan Seddon Boulet, one of my most favorite artists.



                             I haven't written any poetry in a while.
                                        If you have any you'd like me to post, feel free to send them to me for review and I'll post them.


                             a list of my favorite bands/artists, not in any particular order...

                                       Nine Inch Nails
                                       Marilyn Manson
                                       Rob Zombie
                                       Smashing Pumpkins
                                       Tori Amos
                                       Alanis Morissette
                                        Depeche Mode
                                       Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks 
                                       Relaspe Trigger
                                       A Perfect Circle
                                       Linkin Park
                                       The Darkness


                                                ...others to be listed shortly...

        tyler lawrence & jackson light graham

                              here's a lil bit about my sons, they are my world and will always be the light of my life... 

        ryhonna brooks maes

                              who I am, and a lil insight in my life...


                              here are some links to some pages I feel are informative and worth a visit or two.

                                    Witch's Brew - Lady Morgan does a great job detailing the craft and giving you reliable and useful information.
                           - a place goths can find peace.
                                    W.A.R.D - (Witches Against Religious Discrimination)  if you practice the craft check this site out.
                                    Stormy Leather - one of the best fetish stores in San Francisco.

                                                ...more to be added as time persists...

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