The Triple Goddess


The Triple Goddess, the original Trinity, portrays the three faces of the great goddess.  This motif is found throughout the world in such varied places as India, Ireland, Greece, Norway, and Mexico.  The Triple Goddess is intimately associated with the changing phases of the moon and reflects the complexity and different roles of the great goddess.  Her three faces are typically said to be virgin, mother, and crone:  virgin representing the strong, self-defined goddess; mother representing her nurturing aspect; and crone representing the death goddess in her underworld guise.  This symbolism embraces the role of the goddess in all phases of existence from birth through death to rebirth.  This figure reminds us of our sacredness no matter what our age or function in life.  Ever changing, the goddess is always the same.

together in light and darkness


description & paintings  by Susan Seddon Boulet