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Dec 2000

99 Connecticut TT Championships airs on Middletown cable TV

TV viewers in the area served by Comcast around Middletown saw the one hour TV program produced and hosted by Dave Strang at 8pm on the Wednesday before Christmas & at the same time on the following Tuesday on Public Access Channel (ch 4?).

Check Access Channel listings for other possible showing times in January. We also hope to make the program available via public access in other Connecticut Communities in future weeks. The one Hour program featured both semifinals and the finals of the Open (Championship) events. Tape it to share with friends !


***flash news- 15 player per night (avg.) turnout on recent Sunday night sessions ****

MIDDLETOWN PLAY is earlier now - on SUNDAY nights (6:30PM to 9:30pm or 10PM): Based on player requests for an earlier starting time in Middletown, we have returned to SUNDAY evening play at 6:30pm for Fall 2000 until further notice. We will play until at least 9:30pm or 10pm. (later finish time if we have a large turnout and a number of players who have driven a distance to play). Please help help by passing the news on to others who haven't joined my e-mail list. Our recent Middletown players include a number of unrated 'non-expert' players as well as new players around 1800 and above.

Others who live too far away or work too early to come on weeknights have expressed interest in playing at this earlier weekend time. We also hope to occasionally conduct planned or 'spontaneous' mini-tournaments (in addition to open play) during these Sunday sessions. Try to arrive by 6:45pm if interested in these.

Also we expect the gym doors to usually be open (and possibly a couple tables already set up) by 6pm if you want to meet a friend for an early start. This isn't guaranteed though, since I will arrive closer to 6:30pm to be sure the doors are unlocked and opened.

AND a modest price increase for Fairfield nightly play has begun.

Cost is now $7.00 per session or 3 sessions for $20 for 'regulars' Cost for Middletown Play in December(& 1st monthly visits at Fairfield) is still $5.

ALSO we hope to arrange a tournament (?) for winter 2000 - maybe in February or May (not definite though)

CALL weekly during Jan-Feb for club (& possible tourney) info at(860) 586-7055.


Club director Dave's personal phone number has changed. Calls can reach my cellular phone at (860)922-xxxx and leave a message there if I don't answer. Also E-Mails are usually checked weekly rather than daily so call if you need info quickly. ******************************************************************* WORLD CUP 2000 Results Click here

Sept/Oct 2000: '99 CT. Championship expected on Middletown Cable TV Videotapes of the Nov. '99 tournament in Middletown have been submitted for editing and likely late Nov. or Dec.('00) showing on the greater Middletown area on Comcast access channel 3. It is hoped that other local cable channels may also show the finished video later in the year. Featured are the Open Singles Semifinals and finals in the expected one hour program. Check the on screen listings for show times starting in late October. It is hoped the local cable channel may videotape our next tournament - (hopefully in November) for showing this fall or winter. *******************************************************************

No 'Outside' Solicitation Policy - Your support is appreciated I've had a few recent questions and 'complaints' so players are reminded that our club's facility providers have authorized the club director to regulate any 'business' type activities on facility grounds during club meeting days or tournaments. This means that without advanced explicit permission from Dave Strang, no one else should be conducting or promoting any bussiness, service, products or activities to others or distributing any promotional literature or soliciting contact information for similar later use. Of course informal 'coaching' is encouraged but coaching for a fee or use of tables for anything other than normal informal match play or practice also requires advance club approval as does any sale of equipment. Of couse an ocassional sale of one of your old rackets to a friend isn't typically a problem. And if you already use equipment purchased elsewhere that isn't a problem. But you'd be surprised at the wide variety of types and brands of equipment that are available by special arrangements through our club including; Donic, Yasaka, TSP, Asti, Double Happiness (and more by special request). Just ask Dave and, besides knowing you are supporting local promotion of the sport, you'll also get the best expert advise available in the country - based on more than 20 years of playing, coaching and, prior to starting club work in Connecticut, full time employment developing and marketing TT equipment for national distributors. Providing of table tennis services or equipment is part of the service that the club director provides, and income from these sources has helped make the continuing program of providing first class club facilities possible. Occasionally players will visit our clubs for the purpose of promoting 'competing' playing facilities, coaches or equipment providers. I would like to encourage you to do as one of our players recently did and say what he said: " We like this club and plan on supporting it ". And please let me (Dave) know if you are approached in this way by anyone who may (hopefully) just be ignorant of our club rules. Of course if you have chances to play at work or other places in addition to our club meetings that's fine. But do you want to encourage us to continue, and hopefully even expand the opportunities to play in high quality gyms with friendly partners and professional quality tables ? Then please do what you can to support our efforts to bring our sport out of basements and backrooms and into large, well lit gymnasiums with enough tables to allow promotion and growth of the sport and a wide variety of skill levels available during each club session. ******************************************************************* Aug 2000 Connecticut players score well in Big Maryland tourney. Val Ort led the Connecticut charge, winning the U-2000 event at the Matthew Murad Open on the North American Table Tennis Tour. Mikeal Lazarev and Dave Strang also won round-robins in rating events, Strang with an upset over a 2200+ player in the U-2250's before losing in the semi-final on court 1. Strang also got to play an exciting and relatively close match (18,19) in the Seniors over 40 against Seniors legend George Braithwaite, in fact testing 'the Chief's' composure with a 7 to 1 lead in the first game. Don Feltenberger, Csaba Nagy and Tim Nguyen rounded out the Connecticut 'contingent' to the event and also had good tournaments, though Tim, just returning to club play after a heavy work schedule the last 9 months only played 'Hard bat' events. ******************************************************************* IMPORTANT NOTICE* SCHEDULE AND CLOSINGS Call the club info number -(860)586-7055 to confirm our playing dates- especially near major storms or holidays- especially if you drive a distance . We often DO play during most holiday periods and most 'normal' snow storms, unless a poor turnout is likely AND I am ALSO expecting difficulty in coming due to severe road conditions or my holiday travels (like Christmas).
******************************************************************* Aug 2000 Middletown Monday play now starts at an earlier time We may now begin play at 7:30pm in Middletown - (It was 8pm when I first took over club operations then changed to 7:45pm) BUT PLEASE - honor the facilities request that we not arrive before 7:25pm. If you do arrive early please wait in your car in the lot until at least 7:25 to allow the Hospital to complete their kids TT class in the GYM. We hope to have a fall tournament and maybe add a second night in Middletown this fall too, so we need to show cooperation with their needs. ******************************************************************* JULY 2000 Fairfield player reached US Open semi in U-1900

Val Ort, 2000 Connecticut Doubles champion (teamed with Dave Strang) and a regular at the Fairfield Club, had an excellent tournament in Florida, where he reached the semi-final of the u-1900 event. He is also expecting his rating to rise since he had good early round wins in higher rating events. ***********************************************************************

JULY 2000 CT Players see historic US Open including Worlds Top 14 men

CT players witnessed exciting matches in a preview of the upcoming Olympics and a cross Taiwan straits battle (hopefully the only one we will ever see). Wang Liqin of PRC came back from a two game to zero disadvantage to beat defending 1999 winner Peng-Lung Chiang in a 5 game finals. Wang Liqin previously bested Rising Swede Fredrik Hakansson in a 4 game semifinal and Kim Taek Soo of Korea in the quarters in 5 after trailing 2 games to 1. Peng-Lung Chiang's route to the finals included wins over Kong Linghui (CHN) and Werner Schlager who had beaten Samsonov in the quarterfinal.

The complete draw result is available at Additional information is available at or ask the Connecticut players who attended the event, including Val Ort, Rich Dewitt, Roman T., Leon W. and Norm C.. Videotapes should be available in the fall and possibly a TV broadcast as the event was broadcast overseas. *************************************************************************

JULY 2000 - Inna Laskova of Hamden makes USA TOP 20

The Russian College student earned 13th in USATT Top Women's rating list in the July USATT Magazine with a 2114 rating for tournaments through 4/5/00. Inna lives in Hamden and plays at the Fairfield club. *************************************************************************

JULY 2000 China wins 'rematch' held July 1st in China.

The Chinese Team reportedly won a 'challenge' 'rematch' using the same players who played in the previous World Team finals. The event was held in China sponsored by a Chinese TT equipment Company.


JUNE/July 2000 Record summer turnout in Middletown - A 'record' (summer) turnout of 18 players enjoyed our Middletown club site on Monday June 19th. Players used all 8 tables. Fairfield participation continues to average between 12 & 24 players per session with larger crowds typical on Thursdays and smaller groups, more likely to visit on Saturdays. ( but sometimes Saturday includes 'stars' like Ernie Virgo(2300+)or out-of state guests like Chris Gibbs of Albany,NY ) Welcome to all the new (and 'returning') players.



for CTO 2000 Results click here:
E-mail me  if you aren't on my mail list and/or didn't get a mailed entry to the June tournament. Send me your Fax # for faster 'delivery'. *************************************************************************

Middletown/Fairfield Welcome 'New' (and 'returning') players A number of new players have joined us this year in Middletown. Many are new 'unrated' players, rapidly learning new skills from our 'veteran' players. Players recently 'returning' to Middletown play include Wilbert Lawrence and Wes Daley (both 2000+)and Roman Tinyszin (1500+). Club director Dave Strang (2000+) and a number of 1100 to 1400 players round out the current regular Middletown group. The Fairfield club has also had a nice group of unrated 'incoming freshman'too and 3 or 4 new players in the 1700 to 1900+ range as well, including CT.Open U-2000 champ YongMei Li who recently came here from Pittsburgh, and Rob Wincapaw an 1800 level player (with sponge and/or 'hardbat'), a lifelong Fairfield neighbor of '98 CT.Champ Rich Dewitt. *************************************************************************

May 2000 Peter Karlsson wins European Men's singles title (Go to the ITTF site linked below for more details) *************************************************************************

MAY 2000 ITTF Approves Rule Changes / USATT permits 38 mm or 40mm options The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) approved a change from the current 38mm ball to a slightly larger (40mm) one effective in Oct. AFTER THE OLYMPICS for Elite ITTF International competitions. USATT has also authorized use of the new ball, IN ADDITION to the 38mm (current) ball after October 2nd. Tournaments will designate which size ball will be used for upcoming USA tournaments on the entry form. The move, has generated controversy on the NEWSGROUP " Rec.Sport.Table-Tennis " ( which is available through most Internet Service Providers or via "Deja.News" ). Many players haven't yet tried the modified balls, and many who have say they either prefer the current (38mm) ball or feel the as yet unproven 'benefits' of the slower and less spinny 40mm ball are not worth the adjustments required to handle the change to 40mm. Proponents hope the larger ball will increase visibility & the length of volleys for televised elite play, though trials last year didn't result in longer rallies. Opponents are relieved that the current 38mm ball, thought to be somewhat 'faster' and spinier than the new one, can still be used for USA sanctioned tournaments, if local players prefer it, for at least 3 more years. ('Test' versions of the 40mm ball can be purchased from Dave S.) Experiments with more restrictive rules for serving, to eliminate the so called 'hidden serves' in selected international tournaments were also approved and allowing "11 point" games were also authorized for the 2000 - 2001 ITTF tournament 'season'. Any local actions regarding a possible shift to the 40mm ball in Connecticut is uncertain and unlikely to occur before October at the very earliest (if at all). *************************************************************************

MAR 2000 Samsonov wins Croation Open in lead up to European Championships. Vladimer Samsonov of Belarus beat Chiang Peng Lung of Chinese Tapai in 3 games in the final of the Croation Open after a convincing semifinal win over Sweden's J.O. Waldner (10,9,13).. *************************************************************************

Schedule changes and tournament being considered Club director Dave Strang is considering adjustments in our playing schedule to increase and 'even-out' participation. Being considered, pending input from interested players, and permission from our host facilities, are changing Fairfield Saturday afternoon play to Monday or Tuesday nights (Thursdays there would be unchanged) and/or switching Monday play in Middletown to Sunday (6:30 or 7pm start?) and/or Tuesdays(7:45p start). Please e-mail me with your opinions on this, particularly if it will increase or decrease your weekly club attendance, and check ahead (at (860) 586-7055 )for possible changes in the schedule after late June or July. Your opinions, and contact information are needed, particularly via e-mail  *************************************************************************

FEB 2000 Sweden Wins in dramatic team final over China Sweden beat China to regain the World (Team) Championship title in Malaysia when Jorgen Persson took the 3rd game of the final match over Liu Gouliang at 21-19 to propel them to a 3-2 match victory score over powerhouse China. While not yet shown in North America, the event was broadcast live on ESPN- Asia and will be available in a few months via videotapes (ask dave) or possibly on ESPN-2 or Fox SportsWorld cable channels in future weeks or months. Check ITTF or other links at page bottom for more info. *************************************************************************

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