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NL O'Brien 2005


Here are some of the rules that are specific to NL O'Brien

Rules  voted on at the 2004 draft:


1. The 2005 draft will be changed to the pullback system.  Each team will only protect 4 players, but will be able to pullback 8 additional players from their roster.  After a player is selected off an owner's roster at the draft, that owner can protect an additional player from his roster. 


2. Teams with more than one first round draft pick lose a pullback slot for each pick after the first.  Example:  A team has 3 first rounders, then they can only pullback 6 instead of 8.


3. We do not go up in each of the first two rounds of the draft.  All rounds are up and down.


4. We no longer play an unbalanced schedule.  We play each team an equal amount of times.


5. We select the supplemental order randomly.


6. We will have a 1 round supplemental on the last Monday of each month, beginning in April and ending in August.


7. We no longer protect rookies as extra guys.  Rookies count as part of the 4 man list.



Rules voted on at the 2003 draft:


1.      Protect 6 plus a rookie every year, indefinitely.


2.      Realign every two years, beginning in 2004, with division winners staying in their respective divisions, i.e. 9 teams are realigned through random process.


3.      The draft stays in Vegas.


4.      The supplemental draft was put in the hands of the commissioner.


5.      All players must show active commitment to Scoresheet.  This means: you can't miss the draft on a consistent basis, it must be extenuating circumstances.  You have to be responsive to other owner's trade requests.  You have to try to be competitive.  For example:  Turn in your supplemental picks in a timely manner.  If a pitcher goes down for the season in May........he shouldn't be in your rotation in August.  An owner who is not actively committed can be put on probation by a 2/3 vote by the other owners at the draft.  At the conclusion of the season, the commissioner makes the call on whether to replace him.


Past rules:

1.      We defer to Bartons rules except for these and other bylaws we enact.


2.      Trades from the end of the draft through the end of the season cannot involve draft picks unless it is, and only, a number 1.


3.      We forgot to establish the trade deadline, but from last year we chose a Sunday as close to the 21st of August.


4.      Players must be in a NL system on draft day to be draftable and eligible for that season.


5.      If we wish to remove or ammend an existing bylaw 2/3, or 8 votes, are needed to do so.


6.      New bylaws only need a majority of 7 to enact as long as the new bylaw does not interfere with an existing one.


7.      The commissioner is in place for one year (even though we let Andy have it two years because we were thankful we didnt have to do it).


8.      $50 per player, except Stabile, goes to the Champion the following draft day.


9.      We draft 1-12 in the first two rounds, coin toss losers get higher pick in 2nd round only.

10.   Draft to be held on opening weekend of NCAA Tourney.


11.  Playoffs consist of 3 Division winners plus team with the best record of the remaining teams.