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NL O'Brien 2005


Trade History

June 2004
Whitey traded Placido Polanco to Stabile for BHill and Stabile's June Supp pick

Conway traded TGreene and Fossum to Stabile for Cirillo and Witasik

Scotty trades Juan Rivera to S. Splaine for Shawn Estes
Stabile traded Jay Payton to S. Splaine for Brett Tomko
May 2004
Scotty traded  D. Bautista  to Conway for D. Graves 
Scotty traded Beltre and Juan Rivera to Stabile for D. Bautista, Isringhausen and Paul's Supplemental pick
S.Splaine trades Vladimir Guerrero to C. Hughes for Brad Penny
S. Splaine traded Phil Nevin to Conway for Orlando Cabrera
Sean traded AJones and Hampton to Stabile for VGuerrero Tomko and AMiles
April 2004
Stabile traded JReyes, Pudge, JDrew, LaRoche and Supp Pick  to BSplaine for VGuerrero, Pierzinsky, Conine, BHill and GRoberts
Stabile traded Edgardo Alfonzo to Whitie for Jose Reyes
Stabile traded Juan Encarnacion, Mike Hampton, and his 2 April supplementals to S.Splaine for Pettitte and JD Drew
Scotty traded DBautista and his April pick in the Supplemental to Stabile for Biggio
Stabile traded Edgardo Alfonzo to Whitie for Jose Reyes.
Stabile traded his April Supplemental Scotty's April Supplemental, Juan Encarnacion and Mike Hampton to S.Splaine for Pettitte and JD Drew
Scotty traded Bautista and his April pick in the Supplemental to Stabile for Biggio
Joe traded Ivan Rodriguez to Stabile for Kendall and Furcal
Stabile traded D.Lee, Prior, JD Drew, and Pettitte to S.Splaine for Sheets, Tomko, Helton and Cirillo
March 2004
Stabile traded Roger Clemens and Kaz Matsui to Conway for Pettitte and Counsel
Stabile traded Wayne Franklin to S.Splaine for Craig Biggio
Scotty traded D. Bautista to Hughes for Ryan Klesko
S. Splaine traded Brad Lidge and Tony Armas to B. Splaine for Jim Brower, Brett Tomko and Tommy Phelps.
Stabile traded Helton and Darren Oliver to Sean Splaine for Clemens and Derrek Lee
Stabile traded Oswalt, #6 pick and #13 pick to Bryan for Morris, Vidro and the #7 pick
Stabile traded Andruw Jones to Sean for Randy Wolf
Above trades were after protected lists were submitted
In a three-way trade, Conway received the #2 pick in the first round; Coach received Chipper Jones; and Hughes received Horacio Ramirez, Morgan Ensberg, Geoff Jenkins, and the #10 pick in the first round.
February 2004
Coach traded Phil Nevin to S. Splaine for Ben Sheets and a 3rd round draft pick
Whitie traded the #11 pick overall to S. Splaine for Jerome Williams and Pat Burrell
Coach traded Kevin Brown to Scotty for Jake Peavy and the #10 overall.
Scotty traded Brian Giles to Stabby for the #10 overall, Jake Peavy, and they switch picks in the 5th round.
Scotty traded Jeff Kent to Hughes for Jim Edmonds
January 2004
Scott Carr traded Curt Schilling to Marini for Scott's #1 back; Jeff Kent and Al Leiter.  They also switched 2nd round picks.
October 2004
S.Splaine traded Andruw Jones to Stabile for OB's #1 (4th overall)
August 2003
Scott Carr traded Klesko,Ry to Curt Hughes for Beltre,Ad and Guillen,Jo
S.Splaine traded Kevin's #1 and Jesse Foppert to Whitie for Ben Sheets
Stabile trades Jimmy Rollins to OB for Jose Hernandez and Trevor Hoffman
Stabile traded Pavano and Encarnacion to Conway for Tyler Houston, Michael Rivera and Roy Oswalt
Joe traded Jimmy Rollins and Buchanan to Stabile for Placido Polanco
Scotty traded Klesko to Hughes for Guillen and Beltre.
Joe traded Brad Penny to B.Splaine for Rafael Furcal.
Joe traded Benito Santiago and Pat Burrell to S.Splaine for Ivan Rodriguez.
Stabile traded Vladimir Guerrero, Jeff Bagwell, Mark DeRosa and Matt Herges to B.Splaine for Todd Helton and his #1 Draft Pick.
July 2003
Conway traded Jeremy Burnitz to Scotty for Antonio Alfonseca.
Marini traded Damian Moss to S.Splaine for Jeff D'Amico
Whitie traded Jeff Bagwell to Stabile for S.Splaine's #1 pick; Jose Reyes and Adam Dunn.
Joe traded Roy Oswalt and Sean Casey to Conway for Ishii and Sexson
Scotty traded Kip Wells and Rocky Biddle to O'Brien for Byung Hung Kim and Jay Payton
Stabile traded Andruw Jones, Joe's #1, Kevin's #1 and Jeff D'Amico to S. Splaine for Mark Prior and Juan Encarnacion
Hughes traded Tim Worrell to S.Splaine for Jose Guillen
Bryan traded Mike Lowell, Steve Trachsel and Rondell White to S. Splaine for Wade Miller, Moises Alou and Alfonzo
Marini traded Wade Miller and Jake Peavy to S. Splaine for Brett Myers, Shawn Estes and Scotty's 1st round Draft Pick.
S. Splaine traded his 3rd round pick in the 2nd supplemental to B. Splaine for Luis Vizcaino.
Marini traded Al Levine and Rheal Cormier to Scotty for Jae Seo and Juan Cruz.
Stabile traded Scotty's #1 to S.Splaine for Adam Dunn and Tommy Phelps.
Stabile traded Benitez and Kotsay to Coach for Jose Reyes and his 1st Round Pick.  They also swap spots in the 1st round of the 2nd supplemental.
Stabile traded Griffey, JHernandez and Duckworth to OB for his 1st Round Pick.
Stabile traded Oswalt and MByrd to Joe for Abreu and his 1st Round Pick.
Joe traded Luis Castillo and Wes Helms to Scotty for Matt Clement and Mark Grudzielanek
June 2003
Stabile traded Furcal and Reggie Taylor to Brayn for JHernandez, CWilson and Duckworth.
B. Splaine traded Vladimir Guerrero to Stabile for Berkman and Farnsworth.
Scotty traded Moises Alou to S. Splaine for Looper.
Stabile traded Wolf, Encarnacion and Blum to S. Splaine for Berkman, D'Amico and 1st Round Pick.
Stabile traded Matt Morris to Conway for Farnsworth, Pavano and 1st Round Pick.
Stabile traded Klesko, Schilling, Seo to Scotty for 1st Round Pick, Andruw Jones, and Wayne Franklin.
Scotty traded David Weathers and Endy Chavez to Stabile for Juan Encarnacion
S.Splaine traded Garrett Stephenson to OB for Jason Marquis
Stabile traded Rondell White, Adam Eaton, Mike Lowell, Lieberthal, Todd Pratt to B. Splaine for Roy Oswalt, Endy Chavez, David Weathers, Jason Jennings, Blum, Matheny, Michael Barrett
Scotty traded Eric Gagne and Dave Roberts to Marini for Antonio Alfonseca, Moises Alou, Russell Branyan and Juan Cruz.
Scotty traded Adam Dunn and Tommy Phelps to S. Splaine for Juan Encarnacion, Brad Wilkerson, Chris Stynes, Matt Clement and Jeroime Robertson. 
May 2003
Whitie traded Scott Sauerbeck and Brandon Larson to B. Splaine for Ty Wigginton.
Coach traded Sean Burroughs to Stabile for Tino Martinez.
Scotty traded Juan Encarnacion to S. Splaine for Dave Roberts.
Scotty traded Rolen, Piazza, Alex Sanchez and his first pick in the Supplemental to Coach for Andruw Jones, Kendall, Kip Wells and Jeff Suppan.
April 2003
B. Splaine traded Ken Griffey Jr., Adam Eaton, Mark DeRosa, Reggie Taylor and Br. Villafuerte to Stabile for Larry Walker, Rey Sanchez, Mike Matheny, Jason Jennings and Ty Wigginton
March 2003
B. Splaine traded the 5th pick in the first round and his second rounder to S. Splaine for the 8th pick in the first round and his second rounder.
Hughes traded Larry Walker to Stabile for Kris Benson and his 9th round pick.
***All deals listed above were made after protected lists were submitted***
February 2003
Conway traded the #7 pick in the first round and his 3rd round pick to Stabile for Chipper Jones and Stabile's 4th round pick.
Stabile traded Jose Vidro and the #5 pick(from Scotty) in the first round to Bryan for AJ Burnett, Marlon Byrd and Bryan's 5th round pick.
Scotty traded Padilla and his pick in the 8th round to Hughes for his pick in the 2nd round.
Stabile traded Randy Johnson to Scotty for Kris Benson, Jose Vidro and the #5 overall pick in the first round of the draft.
Coach traded Randy Johnson to Stabile for Maddux and Andruw Jones
January 2003
Scotty traded Vladimir Guerrero and Marlon Byrd to B. Splaine for Kirk Reuter, Vicente Padilla, Scott Rolen, Brian Giles
October 2002
Stabile traded B. Giles and S. Rolen to B. Splaine for Furcal and Schilling
August 2002
Scotty traded Paul LoDuca, Javier Vasquez and Mo Vaughn to Kuis for Mike Piazza and his 1st round pick in the 2003 draft.
Whitie traded his 1st round pick in the 2003 draft to S. Splaine for Aaron Boone and Ben Sheets.

Stabile traded Kerry Wood and Juan Pierre to Conway for Brian Giles and Julian Tavarez.

Stabile traded Jose Jimenez and his 1st round pick in the 2003 draft to S. Splaine for Kyle Farnsworth and Scott Rolen.

July 2002
Scotty traded Mike Lieberthal, Junior Spivey and Fernando Tatis to B. Splaine for Tyler Houston, David Bell and Paul LoDuca

B. Splaine traded Lance Berkman to S. Splaine for Ken Griffey Jr. and Austin Kearns

O'Brien traded Scott Rolen and Damon Minor to S. Splaine for Aramis Ramirez and Omar Daal

Marini traded Benson and Jack Wilson to Scotty for Polanco and Isringhausen

June 2002
Stabile traded Richard Hidalgo to S. Splaine for Daryle Ward and Shawn Estes

B. Splaine traded Ray Lankford, Edgardo Alfonzo and his first pick in the 2003 draft to S. Splaine for Vicente Padilla and Rafael Furcal

Stabile traded AJ Burnett, Tyler Houston and Ray Lankford to B. Splaine for Juan Pierre and Kerry Wood

B. Splaine traded Juan Encarnacion to Mike O'Brien for David Bell

Mike O'Brien traded Junior Spivey, Jeffrey Hammonds and Alex Sanchez to Scotty for Luis Gonzalez

B.Splaine traded Vladimir Nunez, Dennis Tankersley, Richard Hidalgo and Craig Biggio to Stabile for Octavio Dotel, Edgardo Alfonzo and Juan Encarnacion

May 2002
Kevin Conway traded Cliff Floyd, Bill Mueller and Tollberg for Ishii and Robin Ventura

S. Splaine traded Al Leiter to Paul Marini for Vicente Padilla and Matt Herges
Whitie traded Ben Sheets and Ken Griffey Jr. to S. Splaine for Barry Bonds

Scotty traded Jason Marquis, Daryle Ward, Aramis Ramirez and his 2nd pick in the 1st supplemental to S. Splaine for Luis Gonzalez, Jason Isringhausen and Carl Pavano

Scotty traded his 1st pick in the 1st supplemental to Paul Stabile for Rey Ordonez.

Stabile traded Millwood and Sheets to Whitie for Maddux and Lankford

B. Splaine traded Sheets, Rollins, DeJean to Stablie for Tomko, Pierre and Biggio

March 2002
Curt Hughes traded Billy Wagner to Coach for Antonio Alfonseca, Derek Lee and
Rick Reed

February 2002
Coach traded Pavano to S. Splaine and received his (Coach's) 6th round pick in return

Scotty traded Benitez and his 7th round pick to Stabile for his 3rd and 5th round picks

B. Splaine traded Matt Clement to S. Splaine for his 6th round pick

Scotty traded his 1st round pick and 3rd round pick to S. Splaine for Aramis Ramirez

Marini traded his 1st round pick and Reggie Sanders to S. Splaine for Jeff Kent

S. Splaine traded 4th round pick to Stabile for Rafael Furcal

Whitie traded Ben Sheets to B. Splaine for Hollandsworth, T. Walker, and Cirillo

S. Splaine traded Appier to Coach for 6th round pick

January 2002
Whitie traded Kendall and 1st round pick (#1 overall) to Stabile for Maddux and 6th round pick