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NL O'Brien 2005

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Protected lists are due on March 1st, so start thinking about the 4 you will protect, as well as the 12 you will make eligible to be pulled back. Remember those 12 guys are all eligible to be drafted by everyone, even if they are now in the AL.

Also, please remember that we are holding our draft at just about the last possible moment. When we get back from Vegas on Sunday, we'll all need to go straight to our computers and get our rosters/lineups turned in.

This should be a great draft, since we only protect 4 players, we're allowed pullbacks, and there are several studs crossing over to the NL. Make sure you spend some time thinking about this, since there is some strategy involved. If you have 4 stud pitchers, do you consider protecting all of them? Or do you only protect 2 pitchers and then when someone drafts one of your pitchers, you can pull another one back? Do you draft a guy off another owner's team, meaning he gets a pullback? Or do you draft a crossover from the AL to prevent the other owners from pulling back a player?

Crossover players, to name a few, include: Pedro Martinez, Mark Mulder, Tim Hudson, Derek Lowe, Milton Bradley, Troy Glaus, Carlos Beltran, Nomar Garciaparra and Jon Lieber. Easily the best group we've had crossover in several years.

Will Beltran be effective with the NY media following his every move?

Is Pedro's rotator cuff going to cause him to drop in the draft?

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