Living with Ichthyosis


My Story and how I beat it

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Diet & Nutrition play an important role in the process.....of healing and ridding the signs of Ichthyosis

Diet..... & Nutrition

No Red Meat. I don't eat any red meat. I eat lots of fish & shrimp...I couldn't when younger, but I just kept eating it in small amounts and now I can eat as much as I like. Fish is rich in nutrients and oils, not to mention protein.  Another thing I found is that I like everything with "extra" salt. I drink more liquids and can eat a small buffet, Daily !..

My metabolism seems to be higher, but I do recall our doctor saying the condition contributed to that. Our bodies are both constantly trying to regenerate new skin and fighting off anything that could invade its delicate state.  I have a slightly raised body temperature and never feel too hot, even if it is 90 degrees outside.  Which is something I couldn't find any info on or decide whether it is related to Ichthyosis.

Vitamin A & C...Because your body is lacking it.

I do not take regular multi vitamins.....I take vitamin A and 25 mg of DHEA Everyday. (DHEA Not recommend for females) I read someplace about the healing affects of DHEA on the body someplace, but I couldn't find it to post here. (will keep looking).

I do not eat anything with chemicals or additives.

Natural potato chips are my Favorite snack.

A typical meal for me would include the following:

Breakfast, only fiber diet: Oatmeal, Bran muffin and a banana, cup of coffee.

Lunch: would typically include: a tuna fish sandwich, soup or potato salad (Starch), chips and at times a freshly made Sub (Turkey only)

Dinner: Varies between Skinned chicken, cooked thoroughly on grill or in skillet (Coated with small amount of olive oil, salt and fresh pepper. Fresh Jumbo Shrimp with homemade ground horseradish and sauce. Pan fried Haddock. One baked potato and fresh vegetables, such as baby carrots, broccoli or corn.

I do not use or eat anything packaged for quick meals, instant soups or dinners.

Things "I"  do not Eat or Drink:

RED Meat or Pork- None at all, no bacon (its processed with nitrites and nitrates.) *(DO NOT EAT Mutton or LAMB)

SODA- NONE at all- I drink nothing carbonated.

Milk- NONE at all -only in coffee-(Very few Dairy products) NY Sharp Cheddar and crackers on occasion -tv snack.

No canned vegetables or fruit.

Alcohol - None by choice.      *DO NOT DRINK ANY ALCOHOL

*** Denotes Things that studies have shown to be harmful to patients with Ichthyosis

Things I do Drink & Eat outside of meals:

*Coffee (Light & Sweet) milk only, no cream 4-6 cups a day I (I grind my own)

Peanut butter & crackers (my quick fix for low blood sugar)

Microwave popcorn.- the only manmade ingredient is food coloring.

I basically eat only all natural food products and do not eat anything with additives and or containing man-made chemicals used in its processing.

Butter- I do not use margarine. Did you know margarine is only one molecule away from the molecular structure of Plastic??

I also drink Gatorade when working out or cycling.

Looking at this menu, you can see that I basically eat no meat and avoid dairy products, I will on occasion have a fried egg on the weekend. Cookies, yep...homemade sugar. Nothing with **saturated fat. I have not concluded whether my diet has a great impact or not, but considering I started my diet for this reason would make me think it has a little influence on my health & well being. I was a vegetarian years ago back in school and that had no affect on my skin at all. I think it ties in with the Allergy theory and man made chemicals. (Its possible) 

Which brings me to the next topic of Exercise:

I love the outdoors much more than I used to and I have taken up many outdoor activities.

Cycling - 10/20 miles every other day.

Swimming - When I can and the weather allows.

Walking - I walk more than I drive.



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