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My brother has a method for exfoliating his hands, which become pretty severe in the winter, they crack and bleed really bad. he takes surgical gloves and places them on after rubbing in a heavy mixture of  hand lotion. Wears them for a few hours and then exfoliates his hands, after which he applies Vaseline. 


My theory on Scraping and Extreme Exfoliating......


Have you ever seen a construction workers hands...or  the knuckles of someone who writes a lot on paper....??? They both share the same trait and inherited by hard work and constant friction and rubbing on those places. And after time the body builds up a defense to protect the area. It creates calluses. It give the construction worker skin as thick as leather and small calluses on the knuckles. I figured over time that the constant scraping and rubbing was doing what I intended, removing the dead skin, but also telling my body that when the next new skin grows in, it needs to be thicker. So I stopped. 

Calluses, also called keratomas or tylomas, are areas of thickened skin caused by repeated friction and pressure. They form to protect the skin and the structures beneath it from injury or damage and can develop on any part of the body. People who work with their hands often develop calluses that help protect the fingers and palms, and musicians often develop callused fingertips from playing stringed instruments.

On the feet, calluses usually develop on the sole (plantar surface), either on the heel or under the metatarsal heads (i.e., the area where the long inner bones of the toes extend into the foot). These areas typically bear most of the pressure from standing and walking. As calluses thicken, additional pressure against the skin may cause pain.

referenced from The Podiatry Channel


I have found that regular showers, sometimes twice with a decent thick nappy bath cloth was sufficient.  In and out, pat dry, put your moisturizer on and your done. Do not let your skin dry.  If you feel it getting tight, you have used to much soap, hot water or did not put your moisturizer on in time.  Do not Scrape and peel !!!!. In extreme cases, yes, after neglect you probably  will have to. But get used to the gentle method and removing the skin in small amounts at a time. you will naturally find the balance between good and bad skin. by scraping and peeling you not only succeed in removing the dead skin, but you are harming an organ that needs to heal, your good skin. Be patient, educated about "Ich" and follow your treatment plan regularly & methodically. I have found that the more you scrape, and the harder you scrape, the skin only comes back twice as thick and dyes off and peels twice as fast.  There is a microscopic line you need to stop at, that no one, not even the best of us can see or determine. If you choose to do your exfoliating with a little less aggression, removing small amounts a t a will find that in the long run, it will pay off. Ichthyosis can not be removed over night. it is a lifelong disorder  which will be with you for all time, so work with it, not against it.  For most this theory would hold true; Have you noticed that the inside of your thighs have little if no signs of "Ich", Why is that?. It is the only spot on your body that is "Touched" all day, everyday. by this, I mean, It is the only area which recieves an exfoliation pretty much every time you walk and do things through out your day. Keeping this in mind, if you lightly apply your exfoliating on a regular basis, your 

Being an artist and working with different mediums, I have found many benefits from using Clay. Clay is actually a form of mud and holds many natural properties along with minerals and oils.  There has not been much study done on clay, but Ancient Romans and even Cleopatra found that Mud Clay was very beneficial in exfoliating your skin. Now you can order Mud on line from the dead sea at a cost of $110.00 or you can find natural beds of it along streams and rivers. I found that using the Earthen Mixture I use for sculpting had many benefits and even removed my recessed scales. It was truly an amazing find for me. And I wish others in the field of medicine would take a more positive approach to natural products instead of trying to sell persons with "Ich" false hopes, chemical products and the likes. The clay I use actually exfoliates and produces a warmth on the skin as it dries. It is all natural, You will find over time that using anything man-made or with chemical ingredients will not work. Your skin is a living organ under all that dead skin. And chemical processes and or lotions reach the good skin and continue to destroy it.

This is the place you need to protect as you try to rid yourself of the bad skin.


Have you ever found a tool or manicure tool for your cuticles that actually worked ? Another great tool of mine is a regular small seam ripper you can buy at any dollar store or fabric store. It is excellent for keeping your cuticles away from the nail and has a very nice point to it that cuts the cuticle away if it becomes attached. My nails grow at a very quick rate, another trait of having "Ich" and I keep them manicured as often as I can. This is something you must do to support the other treatment you use to rid your self if "Ich". If you don't keep the cuticle away from the nail it grows out with your nail, stretches the skin and actually tears the skin until it becomes sore and bloody. Keep it away and pushed back. get in the habit of just sitting where ever you are, work, outdoors or where ever, and just push the cuticle back everyday, many times a day.

With hard work, determination and ideas of your own or shared,  you can relief most of the symptoms of ich, if not all.  If  my brother , along with myself and all of those who suffer from Ichthyosis wait for a miracle cure or some magic pill, we would never lead normal lives, because we all know that due to the low numbers of people who suffer from this skin disorder, the cash cows, insurance companies, medical providers, medicine companies and doctors will not do or be allowed to seek solutions or remedies for Ichthyosis.



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