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    The outside of the mansion has been covered in both jack-o-lanterns and Christmas decorations. On the roof is Jack Skellington's coffin sleigh and  stretched from the roof to the floor is his comical Christmas equation. There is also a clock with bat wings for hands that tells how many days are left until Christmas. As guests wind through the outside line, creepy yet peaceful carols constantly play.

Guests are then ushered into the foyer, which has been decorated with skull wreaths and such. The Ghost Host begins to tell us the story and then leads us into one of the 2 galleries.

The stretching portraits have been completely replaced with beautiful stained-glass pictures depicting innocent Christmas scenes with wreaths as their frames. When the doors close, the room goes dark and begins to stretch. The pictures "shatter" and luminescent portraits of a Halloween-made Christmas emerge. The Ghost Host begins telling the "Nightmare Before Christmas" poem as lalala's are sung in the background. The suspense builds with the music and story until lightning crashes and Jack's enormous face with a Santa Claus hat appears above us, yelling "Happy Holidays Everyone!" His creepy laughter fills the room and everything goes pitch black.

Next, the doors open, leading into the hallway. The changing portraits here have also been replaced with new ones. These ones dipict Jack, Sally, the mansion, a snowman and Santa in his sleigh. The lalala's return as the song "Kidnap the Sandy Claus" begins to play. It appears to be snowing outside and the musicians from the movie are also outside. The staring busts are pretty much unchanged. The big boarding room is now decorated with more Christmas decor and there is a huge animated mural with all the characters from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" celebrating the season.

Upon boarding your Doom Buggy, you move up the stairs. At the top are piles of presents and the Ghost Host continues the story. Zero is now seen floating in the endless hallway. The corpse trapped in the coffin is the same but the Scary Teddy now sits on it, hammering nails into it. The corridor of doors is now filled with comically viscious-looking flowers all singing lalala-ing to "Kidnap the Sandy Claus". Guests then pass underneath a huge monstrous wreath with teeth, which all the flowers seem to be connected to.

Madam Leota now chants about the "13 Days of Christmas". A bewitched nutcracker with eyes glowing green moves its mouth in unison with her's. The floating instruments have been replaced with huge tarot cards, depicting what Madam Leota is chanting. The Doom Buggies now move into the ballroom. The ghosts here are the same, but the decorations have changed. The table is set for a Christmas party and a huge gingerbread mansion (which seems to have come alive) sits in the center. An immense dead Christmas tree covered in candles now sits in the middle of the dance floor, but the waltzing ghosts dance right through it.

Guests are then taken to the attic. Almost all traces of the bride and her theming are gone. The attic is now cluttered with all sorts of creepy toys and presents. The bride appears in the the attic as a small doll, and has her trademark beating heart and candle. She is very easily missed. A huge snake coils around the room with a naughty and nice list in its mouth. Throughout the room, various evil toys pop up as the guests pass by. Upon exiting, there is a small remnant of the bride--a tiny doll of her can be seen on the floor to the right just before you leave the room.

As you pass out of the mansion's attic, snowflakes are seen falling instead of ghosts rising. As the Doom Buggies descend and reach the bottom, they pass by a very lifelike audio-animatronic figure of Jack in his Santa suit, wishing the guests a merry Christmas and so on. The graveyard is now covered in snow. The music is now a combination of "Grim Grinning Ghosts", "Jingle Bells", "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" and "Jolly Old St. Nicholas". The cars pass under huge angels made of snow with pumpkin heads. The singing busts' heads have been replaced with singing jack-o-lanterns.

The Doom Buggies then enter the crypt, where an audio-animatronic Oogie Boogie stands next to a Roulette machine, laughing evilly. The guests now see bizarre presents instead of ghosts when they go by the mirrors. Lock, Shock and Barrel sometimes pop out. Lastly, the Little Leota has been replaced with Sally, who thanks Jack and tells guests to hurry back.

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