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Phantom Manor is pretty much the same thing as Haunted Mansion. It is at Disneyland Paris

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1849 - 1885 - Thunder Mesa, the village that surrounds Big Thunder Mountain

Henry Ravenswood, owner of the Thunder Mesa Mining Company, built a stately Victorian manor high atop a hill overlooking the town of Thunder Mesa and the mine that built it, with his earnings from the mine at the height of the Gold Rush.  Nothing was too good for his wife, Martha, and their young daughter, Melanie.  But the gold eventually ran out, and Henry Ravenswood's luck along with it.  Then a great earthquake struck Thunder Mesa in 1860, during preparations for Melanie Ravenswood's wedding.  Henry and Martha perished in the quake, and their daughter was never seen again...or was she?  Their once magnificent home fell into a state of disrepair and neglect.  Eerie shadows could sometimes be seen through the dingy windows and strange sounds came from within, leading locals to dub the old house "The Phantom Manor".  But what really happened on the day of the earthquake? 

The Manor's true story was revealed long after the deaths of Henry and Martha Ravenswood and the disappearance of their daughter.  Melanie's fiancÚ had planned to move her far away from Thunder Mesa and her father.  Henry Ravenswood disapproved and vowed to stop the wedding at all costs, but that fateful earthquake prevented him from doing so... or did it?  Locals believe that the mysterious Phantom is actually Henry Ravenswood himself, who murdered his daughter's intended from beyond the grave to keep her from marrying against his wishes.  Melanie survived but never left the house, wandering through the Manor in her bridal gown until her dying day and beyond.  Henry Ravenswood never left either dead set on keeping his daughter in Thunder Mesa forever.  Melanie's intended still hangs around as well, in the stretching chamber, by a rope around his neck, that is.

Now the domestic staff has finally opened up the house to tell their story and allow visitors to try to unlock the secrets of the Manor for themselves.

Guests quickly discover that the Phantom and the Bride-never-to-be are engaged in an eternal struggle for Ravenswood Manor and the souls of everyone who dares enter.  The Phantom and his army of ghosts, ghouls, and goblins make every attempt to lure unsuspecting visitors to the other side, while the Bride struggles to help her mortal friends live to tell the secret of Phantom Manor.

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