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 photographed by Foxx



                                            A black hearse pulled by an invisible horse.




We come to a series of large tombs. Each one bears the name of a previous tenant of the Mansion. If we peer closley enough at the names, we can decipher the following tenant's graves:

Hal Lusinashun
Bea Witch
Hap. A. Rition
Manny Festation
Metta Fiskis
Claire Voince
Wee G. Board
I. Emma Spook
Paul Tergyst

photographed by Foxx

 C. U. Later
Dustin T. Dust
Asher T. Ashes
M. T. Tomb
Hale n. Hardy
I. M. Ready
Love U. Trudy
I. Trudy Dew
Pearl E. Gates
Rustin Peece

photographed by Foxx

here lieth his loving wives
Penelope      died 1434
Abigail                  1435
Anastasia           1436
Prudence             1437
Pheobe                 1438
Eugenia              1439
Seven winsome wives
Some fat, some thin
Six of them were faithful
But the seventh did him in

photographed by Foxx


Gravestones sit next to the entrance gate to the mansion. Peering at the overgrown stones, you might read:


 Here Lies
Dear Departed Dave,
He chased a bear into a cave.

 In memory of our patriarch,
Dear Departed Grandpa Marc.

Francis Xavier,
No time off for good behavior.

 Here Lies
A man named Martin,
The lights went out on this old Spartan.

 Master Gracey
Laid To Rest
No mourning please at his request

 Rest in Peace
Brother Gordon
Now you've crossed the river Jordan

 Rest in Peace
Cousin Huet
We all know you didn't do it

 In Memorium
Uncle Myall
Here you'll lay for quite a while

 Here Lies
Good Old Fred
A great big rock fell on his head

 Rest in Peace
Mr. Sewell
The victim of a dirty duel

 At Peaceful Rest Lies
Brother Claude
Planted here beneath this sod

 After a short wait, a heavy set of oaken wood doors open. a somber maid or butler ushers us into the parlor.

photographed by Foxx photographed by Foxx photographed by Foxx

photographed by Foxx
This window still has a candle, errily alit, flickering in it at night..

As guests file into the dark mouth of the foyer, they perhaps heed little mind an isolated tombstone near the back of the cemetery. A stern bronze face set into the stone passivley overlooks the mortals entering her house. But look closer... do you ever feel as if you're being watched?

Dear Sweet Leota
Beloved by all
In regions beyond now
But having a ball

photographed by Chris Caines photographed by Chris Caines
Now I see you, now I don't.


Keep a look out, legend has it that the ghost bride's wedding ring can be found cemented in a brick by the exit to the mansion


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