British Regular Editions


British Standard Edition - 1936

British Standard Edition - 1950s

British Standard Edition - 1972

British Deluxe Edition - 1986

British Travel Edition - 1994

British Travel Edition - 1997

British Standard Edition:

Patent Applied for: 1936
Manufacturer: John Waddington


The board, money and title deeds are all original, and in very good condition. The box is in good condition, and show only a small amount of damage. The houses are in fair condition. Included in the set however, are unoriginal, 1953 metal tokens, some are shown on the right. These tokens are flat, and painted the following colours: - Silver motorbike, Olive tank, Red car, Yellow tractor, Light Blue train and Gold ship. The dice included are also not original, and there are no instructions.
If you have any original, 1936 tokens, dice or instructions for this set please contact me.

1953 Metal Tokens


This set was issued in 1936, before the UK patent for the game was obtained. The box design is very similar to early 1930s US sets, as they also had a small box, containing the components, accompanied by a loose board.
There were four different editions produced at this standard editions sold at 7'6 (37.5p) and 10'6 (52.5p), a super gold set sold at 21' - (1.05), and the deluxe presentation set sold at 42' - (2.10).
I believe the set I have is the 7'6 standard edition, as the 10'6 standard edition includes a bankers tray or "money holder", in addition to different tokens.
If you know more details about this set, especially regarding the different issues, please contact me.

1936 British Standard Edition


British Standard Edition:

Copyright Date: 1950s
Manufacturer: John Waddington


This set is in poor condition overall, the board is taped in several places, and the box is taped on the corners and written on in some places. The money, houses and tokens are in fair condition, the title deeds are in good condition. There are no instructions or original dice.
If you have any parts for this set, please contact me.


The box is an early example of the red-white-red box design, well used by various British sets through the years, the box is large enough to contain the board, and features two trains, two houses, a pound sign and the Monopoly logo in the white bar. An early example of Rich Uncle Pennybags is in the top red bar.

1950s Standard Edition


British Standard Edition:

Copyright Date: 1972
Manufacturer: Waddingtons


This set is in good condition, with the contents not looking as though they have been played with much. There is a small area of the front of the box where there is price-tag residue.


This set also has the red-white-red design that was so common in the UK for a long period of time, up until the 1990s. The top middle of the front of the box features, in a small box, Pennybags, two trains and a pound sign. There is Ref # 402 written on the side of the box, and it is made in England, unlike later Irish made games.


British Deluxe Edition:

Copyright Date: 1986
Manufacturer: Waddingtons


This set is in good condition overall, however the set shows a lot of use, especially on the board, which is scratched and dented in several places. The title deeds and money show significant use, but are in good condition as are the houses and tokens.
If you have any parts from this game please contact me.


This set doesn't feature the red-white-red bars, like many of the standard editions throughout the years, in favour of a dark blue box with a beige border featuring each of the tokens used in the game. The Monopoly logo is red, written across a beige diamond shaped box. The word 'Deluxe' is above Monopoly and Rich Uncle Pennybags is below Monopoly. The tokens are gold-coloured, and there is a property carousel.


British Travel Edition:

Copyright Date: 1994
Manufacturer: Tonka/Waddingtons


This is one of the first sets I bought, and it is fair/good condition. The box is in fair condition, the board, money and title deeds are in good condition.


This set was released in 1994, and the design of the set was different to other European country's travel editions. The design of set is overall very poorly thought out, it is very easy to spill the contents of a drawer or put a draw in incorrectly, causing it damage. This is certainly not the best set to play with while travelling!

1994 Travel Edition


British Travel Edition:

Copyright Date: 1997
Manufacturer: Waddingtons


This set has been opened, but all components have been unopened and are unused.


This set, released in 1997 features a red, 'suitcase' style case, accommodating all the components. This set design was released in the rest of Europe in 1994. This design is much more user-friendly than the 1994 set, and a lot more hard-wearing. There are no chance or community chest cards, the instructions on the cards are written on a table that is consulted after throwing three dice. There are also no get out of jail free cards, instead keys are obtained.

1997 Travel Edition


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